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EA Thomas Review: A Profitable Robot With Risky Strategies

EA Thomas

EA Thomas is a distinctive Forex robot that incorporates 5 EAs into one. It was published on mql5 in February 2022, and so far, it has been downloaded 1171 times. You can utilize the robot in two modes: conservative trading or aggressive trading. The minimum balance for trading a single currency pair is $500.

This system was developed by Vitali Vasilenka. According to the vendor’s profile on MQL5, Vitali is a Metaverse Creator at EA Quantum Lab. He is based in Belarus and has a total of 26 products under his name. Some include EA Flower, EA Golden Moon, EA New Way, EA Goofy, EA Smoke, EA Mad Max, etc. To date, the published signals are 18.

Vendor’s profile

Vendor’s profile

EA Thomas strategies and tests

The robot has the following characteristics:

  • Exness is the recommended broker.
  • The best trading tool is the XAUUSD currency pair, while the best timeframe to use is H1.
  • You are advised to only work with the recommended settings.
  • Slippage is up to 5 points, whereas the minimum spread is up to 30 pips.
  • It is recommended that you trade on a demo or cent account for a fortnight so as to identify the best trading conditions that fit your style.

As per the vendor’s claims, EA Thomas is designed to trade five advisors simultaneously. In other words, it implements all the strategies found in these other EAs all at once. The trading methods include: trending, trend reversal, flat definition, HFT systems order management, and determining trade volume.

We are also told that EA Thomas assesses five points of entry on multiple timeframes concurrently based on the risk level. It will then select one of the entry points to initiate trades. The system’s features also permit you to select the active strategies to look for entry points and on which timeframes.

Backtest results

Backtest results

The robot was backtested on the M5 chart between January 2019 and March 2022 using the XAUUSD currency pair. As a result, 89682 trades were implemented, and collectively, the orders made a total net profit of $16565611.08. The success rates for both the short (96.2%) and long (96.61%) positions were exceptional.

There were more losses compared to wins, as illustrated by an average profit trade of $660.57 and an average loss trade of -$12704.91. A drawdown of 6.95% was reported, which means that low-risk trading was employed. The profit factor was 1.41.

EA Thomas live trading account review

Live trading results on MQL5

Live trading results on MQL5

The EA has used a deposit of $1000 to generate a profit of $428.55 within 19 trading days, which is impressive. Consequently, the account has attained a 42.85% growth rate. However, we are concerned about the high-risk trading, which we didn’t see in the backtest period. As you can see, the drawdown rate is approaching the 40% mark, thus threatening to eat away the user’s capital.

Performance of trades

Performance of trades

The robot has carried out 281 trades this far, achieving a 70.10% profitability rate. The loss rate currently stands at 29.89%. There’s a profit factor of 1.87, which is slightly higher than the one reported in the backtest statement. Obviously, the system’s trading activities are rewarding. For now, the average profit is $4.67, whereas the average loss is -$5.84.


EA Thomas is available at an affordable cost of $49. The vendor advises that you contact him immediately after buying the product to receive installation directions. The price of the robot will shoot up to $499 in the future.

The EA’s price

The EA’s price

Is EA Thomas a good system to rely on?

As you will see in the next section, traders are mostly happy with the product, suggesting it is reliable. The unverified live trading stats also show that the EA is relatively profitable. However, it engages in risky trading activities that could endanger your investment.

Customer reviews

A majority of the customer feedback for this EA on mql5 is positive. Most traders assert that the tool works well and produces excellent results. The vendor is even praised for doing a good job. Even then, we found a displeased trader who accuses the vendor for not producing workable products and failing to attend to his queries. He, therefore, calls EA Thomas a scam.

Positive client reviews on MQL5

Positive client reviews on MQL5

Negative user review on MQL5

Negative user review on MQL5

EA Thomas


Some of the things you may like about this EA are that it is profitable, easy to use, has a friendly price tag, and shows good performance on historical data. However, the high drawdown generated within a short trading period is unsettling. It proves that the strategies on board are risky.

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly pricing
  • A backtest report are available
  • Profitable
  • High drawdown
  • The live trading stats are unverified
  • Short trading history
  • No money refund provided

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