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TechBerry Review: A User-Friendly Social Trading Platform

Techberry Platform

TechBerry is a social automated trading platform that combines the analysis of over 100k trading accounts with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop profitable trading strategies. Each month, the TechBerry platform earns its members an average of about 12% profit.

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TechBerry in social trading

In the 7 years it’s been around, TechBerry has become a trailblazer in social trading and is a proven and consistent market leader. It evaluates and analyzes the trades of 100K+ accounts using deep learning algorithms and sets up the best trading strategies.
By integrating AI into its analysis, TechBerry is able to identify high-potential trading opportunities. With its stellar record, it has effectively established itself in the FX trading market. Also, members need to pay an annual subscription . Subscription takes only a few seconds and is very simple.

TechBerry in different use cases

Individual use of TechBerry

Once you subscribe to TechBerry, you will earn monthly profits resulting from the platform’s automated trading. Once you subscribe, it is quite easy to navigate and use the platform. Notably, TechBerry also offers members loss protection plans, which offers safety against trade-related losses.

TechBerry for Traders

Traders use TechBerry to increase their productivity and save on time spent doing market analysis. Traders can integrate their MT4 and MT5 accounts with TechBerry to provide TechBerry with their trading data. Once the software analyzes the trading data from either MT4 or MT5, it customizes a suitable strategy for each trader.

Is TechBerry a reliable service?

A dependable and proven automated trading system, TechBerry has established itself in the financial industry. Over 50 of the world’s leading regulated brokers have working partnerships with it and approve of its performance record including FCA, FINRA, BaFIN , CFTC, and CySEC.

Data analysis capabilities

Because of TechBerry’s extensive capabilities in market data collection, it is able to identify many trading opportunities. In effect, it saves users from the trouble of handling complex market data. Furthermore, its use of AI makes it achieve great accuracy and consistency.

Approved by reputable bodies

TechBerry’s performance has attracted positive reviews from leading independent market analysts. MyFxBook, FXAudit, and FXBlue are among the reputable sites with good reports on the platform. Most of these sites publish TechBerry’s trading results, which are accessible to anybody. Consequently, this is firm proof of the reliability of TechBerry’s trading performance.

TechBerry’s artificial intelligence

TechBerry use of AI means that it totally eliminates human interference with trading decision-making. Therefore this ensures objectivity in trading. Also, TechBerry algorithms select the most appropriate timeframes and trading sessions in order to maximize profits. These factors combine to ensure that Techberry generates a high win percentage.

The benefits you enjoy with paid membership are:

  • TechBerry presents seven membership options, including a free trial and six other options. This ensures that members are spoilt for choice on the type of service they want. However, other factors, such as service fees, deposit fees, and level of access to data, also influence the choice of membership option.
  • Members can choose from several subscription options available. “Infinite” membership plan is the highest level and costs $499, while “Green” membership is the very basic membership option and costs $19 per year. However, one can also choose the free version.
  • TechBerry only deducts service fees from profits.
  • TechBerry has an insurance coverage option for its members. This is an essential feature in trading because it offers a safety net against losses. The platform offers a maximum of 100% coverage, depending on preference and ability.
  • Members under “Gold” subscription or higher get personal managers to help them with further trading advice.

For members, TechBerry provides a simple and proven way to take advantage of objective data-driven market analysis built on artificial intelligence (AI). Since TechBerry has proven its worth over the years and has the backing of leading brokerage firms and solid proof from leading analytical sites, it is worth trying out. Furthermore, its simplicity makes it appealing even to novice traders.

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For years, TechBerry has been a leader in FX trading built on technology and data research. It bases its analysis on over 100,000+ trader’s accounts and integrates AI to optimize results. Expert traders can also benefit from it to increase their profit margins. Therefore, TechBerry is definitely worth giving a try.

  • It makes trading simpler without compromising profits.
  • It has proven its consistency for seven years, generating an average monthly profit of 11.2%.
  • Its insurance feature gives traders peace of mind since it cushions losses.
  • Techberry offers several membership plans.
  • It is reputable and endorsed by leading industry analytics firms and brokerages.
  • Data Integration is only possible with MT4 and MT5.
  • Techberry has a strict set of requirements that traders must meet to qualify to submit their trading data. Therefore, this often locks out some traders from additional earnings.
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