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Reverse Grid Bot Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?

Reverse Grid Bot Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?

Reverse Grid Bot is a crypto bot available on the Pionex platform. It is a free bot using the reverse grid principle, which involves increasing the number of tokens held and reducing holding cost.  The bot is fully automated, and once you configure the bot with the necessary parameters, it can work 24/7 and generate profitable results.

Reverse Grid Bot: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Free bot Strategies are not customizable
Low commission fee
Good support

About Reverse Grid Bot

The bot uses the same principle as that of a grid bot. It generates profit by buying low and selling high. It helps you increase the number of your assets while there is a drop in the price. You can sell your assets at the existing level and buy them when the price drops.

Reverse Grid Bot review: Key features

Important features of the bot that make it competitive are:

  • It is a fully automated bot that works 24/7
  • The base currency is used to measure the revenue of the bot
  • You can profit from a falling market using the bot approach
  • Parameters used for the bot include upper and lower price limits, grids, and total investment

Reverse Grid Bot: trading strategy

The reverse grid strategy used by the bot is similar to the grid approach with the main difference being the profit calculation.

The traditional grid strategy visualiztion

When you expect a fall in the market price, you can open a reverse grid with the currency you hold, sell it at the current high price, and buy it back when the price falls. The process will help reduce the holding costs. If there is a bear market, you can open the reverse grid and wait for the bull market to make a profit.

The reverse grid strategy creation process

Security of Reverse Grid Bot

Since the bot is integrated with the Pionex exchange, you do not need API keys. The platform uses security measures such as data encryption, firewalls, and authorization controls to protect user data and privacy.

Is Reverse Grid Bot safe?

The Pionex platform has been operating since 2019 and has gained a stellar reputation due to the efficient and free bots and its low commission fees. Since its inception, the platform has been providing a safe trading environment.

How much does Reverse Grid Bot cost?

The bot is provided free of cost. There are 16 free inbuilt bots available on the platform, with each bot varying in the strategy used.

Deposit and withdrawal

No deposit or withdrawal features are present as the bot is used for trading purposes only, and the funds are handled by the exchange.

Does Reverse Grid Bot charge fees and commissions?

Commission fees apply to the exchange only. Pionex charges a low commission fee of 0.05% for the transactions made on the platform.

How much profit can it earn?

When used as per the reverse grid strategy with the default parameters, the bot can help generate profits in a falling market.

Company reputation

The company was launched in 2019 and is based in Singapore. The core team members are Dave Yeh, Chris Costello, Christine Fish, Lunik Hsu, and Josey Wyatt.

Reverse Grid Bot reviews

While we could not find user feedback for the bot, in particular, there are 298 reviews for the Pionex platform on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 4.2/5.  Users find the interface and tools easy to use. They commend the support and the free bots of the platform.

Who is Reverse Grid Bot for?

The bot helps you to increase your assets when the price is falling. If you want to take advantage of a falling market, the bot is the right choice.

Reverse Grid Bot: supported devices

The software can work on all the major devices such as macOS, Windows, Android, etc.

What exchanges does Reverse Grid Bot support?

It is an inbuilt bot on the Pionex exchange which uses Binance and Huobi for liquidity aggregation.

Reverse Grid Bot: customer care

Support is offered through multiple channels and includes a live chat, email, FAQs section, a blog, tutorials, and links to Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and Telegram.

Reverse Grid Bot review summary


Reverse Grid Bot offers a good opportunity to increase your crypto assets. The platform provides various benefits such as free subscription, low commission fee, good support, and a friendly interface. With a drop in market price, you stand to gain from using this bot. However, you need to remember that the strategies are not customizable.


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