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Trading Signals WhatsApp: Top 5 to Use


Forex trading has become an exciting way to earn money from trading and investing. Nowadays, you can make money from trading even if you don’t know any method.

It is possible to make money by investing under a professional’s supervision. An expert person will inform you when to open a trade and when to close in this process. Therefore, you can remain stress-free in trading. Isn’t it exciting to make money online, with no tension over your own performance?

In the following section, we will see details about forex signals. Regarding how it works and how to find the best forex signals in WhatsApp.

Risk of WhatsApp forex signals

Before taking signals from any social interaction platform, investors should remain aware of the risk associated with the market. Although a forex signal is a blessing as it allows people to grow together, it is not wise to blindly believe someone.

The biggest risk in forex signals is no authority to ensure profitability. For example, if you buy a government bond, the government will handle your investment where the risk of losing money is not applicable until the government is bankrupt. On the other hand, many websites and WhatsApp groups might attract you by offering lucrative returns in a month, but you will lose your investment once you follow their service.

Therefore, before taking service from the third party, verify its performance in a demo account before investing with the real money. Moreover, make sure to invest the money you are ready to lose.

Top five WhatsApp forex signal channels

This section will see the list of the top five forex signal groups on WhatsApp. If you are interested in making money online, you can choose from them after extensive research.

1. Forex King Club

It is an individual forex signal provider available on WhatsApp and Telegram. Currently, this group holds 257 members in the WhatsApp group and more than 8000 members in its Telegram channel. This WhatsApp group covers most forex trading instruments with a good risk vs. reward ratio. However, it uses the WhatsApp group for grabbing customers while the main service is provided through the telegram channel.

You will get some signals for free, but you need to pay monthly or quarterly to have the full service. The charge for services are mentioned below:

  • One Month 49$
  • Three Months 120$
  • Two Years 300$
  • Lifetime 500$
Forex King Club Whatsapp channel

Forex King Club Whatsapp channel

👍 Pros

  • A strong customer base indicates reliability.
  • It provides both paid and free services.

👎 Cons

  • Full service is available to paid subscribers.
  • It offers broker links and insists customers join.

2. Blucoinfx investment LTD

An individual WhatsApp trading group offers free forex signals tips and learning support. This group is very old and has the maximum number of people that a WhatsApp group offers.

The best part of this signal group is that its risk and reward ratio per trade is solid and affordable for all traders. Moreover, it offers forex fund management services where its customer claims it is effective. However, we recommend people check the performance and consider risks before taking any service from WhatsApp groups.

Blucoinfx investment LTD Telegram channel

Blucoinfx investment LTD Telegram channel

👍 Pros

  •  A wide user range as it has 257 members in the WhatsApp group.
  •  There is no advertisement in their group.

👎 Cons

  • The number of signals is not frequent.

3. Trademasters free group

It is another individual forex signal providing platform present in the WhatsApp group. Currently, this group has 257 members that exceed the single WhatsApp group’s capacity. However, reaching the maximum number of members is a sign that its service is effective.

This group grabbed mass investors attention by providing pro signals for free. Moreover, its signal quality is high and covers most of the trading instruments. Therefore, this platform would suit people who want free services from the beginning of their trading journey.

Trademasters free group WhatsApp channel

Trademasters free group WhatsApp channel

👍 Pros

  • It provides free signals for all subscribers.
  • No unnecessary posts to alter traders attention

👎 Cons

  • This group reached maximum user capacity.
  • It is hard to check the trading performance until you join.

4. Account management

It is a forex signal provider and fund management service that offer signals in most of the trading instruments in the forex market. If you are interested in getting 3-5 trading signals a day, this platform would be a great option.

Account management WhatsApp channel

Account management WhatsApp channel

👍 Pros

  • This platform provides regular signals.
  • It covers all instruments — majors, minors, and exotics.

👎 Cons

  • The group exceeds the maximum member capacity of 257.

5. Private wealth fx trials

This platform offers forex, stocks, gold, Nasdaq and VIX fee signals. It is a free forex signal group where people can enjoy free profits, but the maximum benefit is available in the paid service.

Private wealth fx trials WhatsApp group

Private wealth fx trials WhatsApp group

👍 Pros

  • Free signals for all.
  • This service covers many instruments from multiple markets.

👎 Cons

  • It provides advertisements to join other platforms and affiliate programs.

Final thought

Joining a forex signal service is a blessing to people who don’t know how to trade. However, investors should know a high risk of getting scammed. The forex market is a completely decentralized marketplace where no one can say the future price of a trading instrument. In that case, using a sound trade management system is essential because it is only possible by doing a lot of practice.


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