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Forex GDP Review: The Signal Service Without Trading Results

Forex GDP Review

Forex GDP is a company that provides signals for everyone based on several strategies mentioned below. The main claim is “Live ForexTrading Signals with Chart Analysis.” The developers strongly believe that “Quality of Trade Signals is more important than Quantity of Trades.”

Forex GDP Strategies and Tests

The presentation includes details, explanations, and attempts to convince us:

  • We can expect 80% to 95% of the monthly profit.
  • The Risk to the Reward ratio is from 1:5 to 1:10.
  • The signals have fundamental and technical backgrounds.
  • We have a standard format of upcoming signals: Symbol, Trigger, Time, Direction, Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit (s).
  • The developers provide free signals for us to check.
  • They support us with money-management advice.
  • There is a list of using strategies: Swing Trading, Trend, Day Trading, Consolidation, Support and Resistance level, Positional trade strategies, and several others.
  • The developers have over 20-year experience on Forex. It sounds like a scam because people who started successfully trading 20-year ago are millionaires.
  • The Take Profit can be up to 150 pips.
  • We may execute orders on our broker house.
  • We have several types of signals.
  • There can be Jackpot signals. They have a solid RIO from 1:5 to 1:10. They have 20 pips Stop Losses and from 100-2000 pips Take Profits.
  • The signals that catch Trend reversal moments. When the market stops going in the trend direction, a good signal can provide a significant profit.
  • Another group of signals is “Big trade signals.” It happens when the market goes in the proper direction and predicted direction.
  • Commodities signals: Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and more.
  • High-Impact news signals.
    Forex GDP explain
  • Forex GDP Telegram channel has over 13,877 subscribers. Gold Analysis
  • We can find some free trading ideas there
  • Signals can unite several strategies at once in their background:  Swing Trading, Trend, Day Trading, Consolidation, Support and Resistance level, and Positional trading.

    Forex GDP Live Trading Account Review

    We have no backtest reports provided. It means that these ideas have never been tested on the past broker data. It’s a solid con for a company that has traders with 20 years of experience.

    SignalEntryEURUSDSignalEntry EURUSD
    We have some screenshots of how everything went before the signal was provided and several hours after. From the first screenshot, the signal could be provided after receiving a confirmation that the market is bearish – It happened when the market went over the first Take Profit. For going Shorts, there were no big reasons on the moment captured on the screenshot. So, we have a big suspicion these signals were traded live, and the developers truly made profits. At the same time, verified real or demo account trading results allow us to know win rate, profit factor, symbols, trade length, trade frequency, profits, leverage, drawdowns, brokers, and so on. All of this is important for us.


    PricingWe have a free option and two offers. The Free Service plan costs nothing. It includes from 2 to 4 signals (90-150 pips). The Premium plan for twelve months costs $36 a month, six months costs $56 monthly, three months costs $66 monthly, one month costs $74. There should be from 8 to 14 signals monthly. There’s a possibility to get 300 to 700 pips monthly.

    The Supreme plan (annual) costs $54 monthly, six months costs $79 monthly, three months costs $99 monthly, and one month costs $147. There are from 16 to 25 signals a month. There are 700-1500 pips monthly. payment servicesThe developers accept payments from many services.

    Is Forex GDP a Scam?

    We don’t think so. Anyway, the real trading results would support us in this thought. 

    People Feedbackfeedback

    We have a Forex GDP page on Trustpilot. There are 107 testimonials with a 4.7 of the total rate.feedbackfeedbackPeople are angry that they couldn’t be profitable with this service.

Forex GDP


Conclusion: Forex GDP provides signals based on several strategies. The developers decided not to share their backtest reports and trading results. It significantly decreases the trust level between clients and the service. 

  • Strategy explanations provided
  • Free trading ideas
  • No risk or money-management advice given
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No trading results provided
  • No money-back-guarantee supported
FXTechLab Staff
Our team consists from professional traders with over 10 years of experience carrying a mission to simplify automated forex trading for everyone.

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