Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Forecast & Prediction 2022-2025


Zilliqa has outperformed the crypto market, with monthly gains surpassing 300%. The rally happened when the project development team announced a new Metaverse project, Metapolis. The positive gains are also attributed to the project’s integration with Ramp for fiat-to-crypto currency payments with credit cards. Can ZIL sustain the positive gains, or is a trend reversal imminent?

What is Zilliqa?

It is an open-source blockchain for smart contracts. The platform aims to address the issue of scalability through sharding, which is a way of splitting the mining network into smaller units that can process transactions simultaneously. A special shard called the Directory Service Committee helps in shard formation and transaction validation. The network achieves consensus through proof-of-work and Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm, managed by shard and the DS committee.

ZIL is a utility token used to implement smart contracts and pay transaction fees on the Zilliqa protocol. The token also serves as a reward for miners and those who stake tokens to secure the network. The crypto was unveiled in 2017 by founders Amrit Kumar and Xinshu Dong. It uses a new programming language called Scilla, customized for smart contracts. The language is focused on safety and is set to mark and eliminate security weaknesses at the language level automatically.

If you are looking for this crypto price prediction for 2022-2025, look no further. We will look at the current pricing to see what to expect from future changes.

Zilliqa: should you invest in ZIL today?

According to the daily chart outlook, it surged past the 0.0580 resistance-turned-support level on March 25, 2022. The token then skyrocketed to $0.2313 on April 1, 2022, gaining 298%. ZIL has, however, retraced 27.6%.

The RSI shows that ZIL is oversold at 80.41, which shows a downward trend. The crypto is currently not an ideal token to invest in for short-term gains; however, price retracement to 0.08 or 0.05 can open a buying opportunity.

ZIL price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (daily price chart)

ZIL price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (daily price chart)

Will ZIL reach 1 USD in 2022?

This coin price analysis for 2022-2025 depicts a bullish view on the token in the long-term, based on the latest price trend and the developments around metaverse and payment solutions. However, while accurate prediction may not be possible, the crypto is likely to follow the same trends in the future.

  • It is predicted to reach $0.3 in 2022 at a more conservative view. The token could still rise as high as $0.33 in the period, with the average trading price expected to be around $0.18.
  • In 2023, it will rise to as high as $0.4 or at least $0.35. The token will trade at $0.2 on average in the year.
  • The 2024 price prediction puts it at a maximum price increase of $0.58 and a minimum price ceiling of $0.66. On average, it will exchange for $0.47 throughout the year.
  • The 2025 price prediction puts this token at a maximum price surge of $0.83 and $0.78 at a minimum. The token is expected to trade at an average price of $0.5 throughout the year.

ZIL past price analysis

It is currently ranked by CoinMarketCap at number 58 in the crypto list, having a market capitalization of $2,117,856,456,62. There are 12.6 billion circulating tokens from a total supply of 15,893,191,039 and a hard cap of 21 billion. Zilliqa made a public token sale in 2017/2018, where the participants received ERC-20 ZIL tokens, which were to be turned into native tokens on the network launch. At launch, 21 billion ZIL tokens were minted, 30% were distributed via a public sale, and 40% was allocated for future mining rewards. The remaining were allocated to the development team, investors, and agencies.

The latest price data shows that the crypto is trading at $0.1667, a decline of 10.63% in the past 24 hours and a 78.82% jump in the past week. In the past month, Zilliqa has skyrocketed 305% from $0.039. The three-month outlook also shows a price increase of 120% from $0.076. In the past year, ZIL has dipped by 24.4%. The token is trading lower by 30.13% from the all-time price of $0.2376 in April 2021.

ZIL price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

ZIL price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

Want to buy ZIL?

The token is listed on Binance, Bithumb, Kucoin, and The token is quoted against USDT, BUSD, and BTC. If you wish to buy it on Binance, follow these simple steps;

Step 1. Open a trading account with Binance.

Step 2. Purchase USDT stablecoin using the available options, including peer-to-peer trading, bank deposits, credit and debit cards, or third-party transactions.

Step 3. Select ZIL/USDT pair at the spot market

Step 4. Exchange USDT for ZIL.


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