The Fund Trader Review: It Looks Like a Just-Released Scam

The Fund Trader

To get our access to the site we have to trade our email for their endless spam and “updates” about their products several times a week.

LeapFX is a quite known company that has crap-like and hype-like good-for-nothing standard presentations. This one is not an exclusion. The main claim is “Verified 29,000% Profit Brokerage Statement & Invites You To Copy His Trades In Your Account So You Too Can Enjoy His Future High-Yield Returns!” After trading results were removed, it’s a scam statement.

The Fund Trader Strategies and Tests

Let’s talk about the system gathering hype less information to know what we should expect from it:

  • The advisor is an automated trading solution.
  • The robot doesn’t require us to have previous experience.
  • The system can be set lightning quick.
  • We can try on a refund policy.
  • It provides stress-free pips.
  • The advisor will be sold to 100 clients only.
  • It sounds like a scam.
  • The strategy and indicators behind it weren’t revealed. It’s suspicious.
  • According to the period when the robot was alive, it should include Grid and Martingale strategies.

The Fund Trader Live Trading Account Review

The Fund Trader Live Trading Account Review

There are many screenshots like this on the site.


The trading account was removed from myfxbook. Most likely, it’s because the robot zeroed it. We made these screenshots at the end of May 2021. The advisor worked on a real USD account on the MultiBank broker. The leverage was 1:100. The account was created on July 27, 2016, deposited at $39,542, and withdrawn at $99,003. The absolute gain was 105,840%.Trades

The advisor traded 733 deals with 37,403 pips. An average win was 77.44 pips when an average loss was -78.69 pips. The win rate amounted to 84% for Longs and 81% for Shorts. The average trade length was 5 hours and 42 minutes. The profit factor was 4.59.


The system worked with many symbols. The most frequently traded cross pair was CHF/JPY, with 106 deals. The most profitable was XAUUSD – $62,604 (32,116 pips).Hours

The advisor traded the beginning of the American session because of Gold.


Monday and Friday were the less traded days.


The advisor didn’t work with high risks.Open Date

The system worked with various risks. Probably, something went wrong.

Monthly Gain

May 2021 was the last before the system was removed.



We have a standard LeapFX offer that includes two packages. The developers don’t suggest we buy a lifetime license. The three-month rent costs $297. The annual rent option costs $597. Both packages are featured by The Fund Trader Auto Software, free updates, welcome and knowledgeable customer support, best recommendations, and a 30-day refund policy.

Is The Fund Trader a Scam?

Yes. The system is a scam. The developers removed trading results from Myfxbook, but forgot to do this for their attractive screenshots on the site.

People Feedback

People Feedback

LeapFX has a page on Forex Peace Army. We have 14 reviews.

People Feedback

The last comment was written several months ago but didn’t mention anything about The Fund Trader.

The Fund Trader


The Fund Trader is an all-new robot that has become a scam for several weeks of its trading activity. The developers decided not to remove the presentation because it can look weird. For those who buy this system, it can be a problem. So, you have to avoid this trading solution.

  • Well-known company
  • No team revealed
  • No strategy revealed
  • No real account trading results published
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No money-back guarantee.

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