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FXDC HEDGER EA Review: An Unreliable and Expensively Priced Robot


In Forex the more precautions you take to protect your investment from risk, the higher your returns. Hedging is one strategy that ensures you are protected from the sudden change in market price. Using an automated FOREX robot that uses hedging is very beneficial. You can open several positions and trade effectively. 

FXDC Hedger EA is an ATS that aims at safeguarding your investment with the promise of positive returns. Promoted by the FX Deal Club, this FX EA can be customized according to market movements. FXDC has been in operation since 2001 and specializes in providing managed account services.  

FXDC HEDGER EA Strategies and Tests

A unique hedging approach is used by this MT4 EA along with other parameters such as price movement and support and resistance points. The vendor mentions that this FX robot uses a mixture of different trading methods. With the hedging trades, the FX EA aims at protecting the investment from high drawdowns. 

FXDC HEDGER Strategies

This ATS works on the EURJPY pair and the vendor assures that it can provide a daily profit of 10%.  A timeframe of one hour is used and the recommended balance is $1000. But the vendor states that a minimum of $100 can also work with the set files of this FX robot. 1:400 or above leverage is recommended and the system works on any broker.

Backtest reports for this EA are found on the official site. Here is one of the test results on the myfxbook site done for 20 months with a starting balance of $1000.



The report shows a gain of 15540% with daily and monthly profit values of 0.84% and 28.47% respectively. A drawdown of 82.44% is shown which is abnormally high and indicates the strategy settings are not as efficient as the vendor claims.  The profit factor value was 2.26. Looking at the trading history, we could see the lot sizes were big and had wide variations starting from 0.10 up to as high as 0.80. A modeling quality of  99.90% was used for the backtest. The strategy settings are shown in the screenshot below:


FXDC HEDGER EA Track Record Review

No trading results are revealed by the vendor which is disappointing. With the experience of FXDC in the field, we expected a few live trading accounts. Most of the FX robots provide authentic results checked by reputed sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. The results reveal crucial details such as the drawdown, balance, lot size, profits, and more. 

While backtests are important they are still based on historical data and cannot be relied upon for assessing the effectiveness. Without the presence of live results of the trading, we are unable to evaluate the efficacy of this ATS. The track record is a vital part of any FX robot and by failing to put up trading results, the vendor looks unreliable. 



This FX EA costs $499 and the package includes free updates and unlimited usage for a lifetime. The accounts you can use are unlimited and 24/7 customer support is assured with the package. Compared to the cost of other expert advisors in the market, the price of this ATS is exorbitant. While a lifetime license is given for the price, we still find the amount too high and not worth investing in. Furthermore, the vendor does not offer a money-back guarantee. This confirms our earlier assessment that the EA is unreliable. 

Is the FXDC HEDGER EA robot a scam?

While the vendor claims that this FX robot can make 10% profits daily, the backtests do not prove it. Further, no live results are provided to corroborate the profit claims. While the hedging approach has been used with success in Forex, we do not find it being used in the right way by this ATS. Apart from not providing a track record and making unrealistic promises, the robot is overpriced. 

We searched for user reviews and did not find any for this EA. But there are reviews for the managed account services of the FX Deal Club. However, these are not relevant to this EA. The lack of reviews raises a red flag.


From the few reviews of the FX Deal Club, we find the group is better suited for providing managed account services than designing an expert advisor. Our analysis reveals that this FX robot is a scam, as it does not have a proper track record to confirm its claim of profits and efficacy. With only backtests as proof of the efficacy, it is not possible to evaluate the EA. Besides the absence of track record details, there are several other downsides in this FX EA. The expensive price, lack of refund, and absence of user reviews further solidify our suspicions that the MT4 tool is not worth investing your hard-earned money in.   

Score: 4.3/10 

Features: 4.5/10

Strategy: 5/10

Price: 4/10

Performance: 4/10

User reviews: 4/10

FXTechLab Staff
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