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FXConstant Review: can the robot trade predictably?

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FXConstant is a trading advisor that was published on the common Forex Store robots presentations. It has several blocks: info, backtests, trading results, and pricing.

FXConstant Strategies and Tests

We may note that all available data is split into three blocks: Analysis, 20 Patterns, and Trade Management. three blocks: Analysis, 20 Patterns, and Trade Management

We have gathered everything about the system in the following list:

  • FXConstant trades fully automatically on any type of account.
  • The system acts like a Price Action robot with Martingale.
  • It works with EUR/USD. 
  • The main time frame is H1, according to backtests. 
  • The system is based on “a principle of market analysis and doesn’t use indicators.”
  • If they don’t use indicators data, it means most likely that there’s Price Action on the board.
  • It is based on twenty trading patterns behind the system.
  • AIt can cut down drawdowns.

Strategy Tester ReportWe have a EUR/USD backtest on the H1 time frame. The data period was chosen from 2012 to March 2021. The modeling quality was 90.00% with 2-pip spreads. An initial deposit was $300. It has become $16,788,771 of the total net profit. The Profit Factor was 1.53. The maximum drawdown was $2,808,075 (18.39%). The advisor has traded 1830 deals. The win rate was 51.93% for Shorts and 52.76% for Longs.

FXConstant Live Trading Account Review

FXConstant Live Trading Account graficFXConstant trades on a real USD account through FXOpen automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on July 18, 2019, and funded at $1000. Since then, the absolute gain was 367.26%. An average monthly gain is 6.97%. The maximum drawdown is 17.76%. Twenty-two traders track the account. Trades GraficFXConstant has traded 159 orders with 583.3 pips. An average win is 44.74 pips when an average loss is -43.51 pips. The accuracy rate is 56% (35/62) for Longs and only 51% (50/97) for Shorts. An average trade length is a day. The profit factor is 1.54.indicators

The Shorts direction is traded 1.5 times more frequently and provides 3 times more profits $2933.72.The system tries to make profits during the European trading hoursThe system tries to make profits during the European trading hours.Tuesday and Friday (27 deals both) are the less-traded days Grafic
Tuesday and Friday (27 deals both) are the less-traded days.There’s a 37.24% chance (5 deals) to lose 10% of the account
The system runs the account with high risks. There’s a 37.24% chance (5 deals) to lose 10% of the account.The system can’t be profitable in general
As we may note, the system can’t be profitable in general. All profits go from Martingale (high-risk) lots.Monthly Gain
The robot provided quite low profits like for a professional advisor. The system, we’re sure, has to be updated.


FXConstant costs $295 for a digital product copy. The pack includes a license for any type of account: demo or real. There’s an unlimited possibility to change an account number online. The system is designed for MT4 and MT5. There’s 24/7 support and a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Is FXConstant a Scam?

Now, the system is not a scam, but it’s quite a risky trading solution. It’s not a good time to purchase this

The robot is published on Forex Store. The rate was increased from 7.5 to 8.5 from 10 possible since our last visit. The robot works under NFA rules. Alas, we have no profiles created for this robot on Forex Peace Army or Trustpilot. So, we have no idea how people work with the robot and if it’s profitable on their accounts.




FXConstant is a trading advisor that probably uses Price Action as the main strategy. Trading results show that the system is alive only because of insane Martingale. The robot, in fact, is going to become a scam sooner or later. Investing in it would be a huge mistake.

  • The robot is a Powered By Forex Store trading solution
  • We have backtest reports published
  • The system works on the real account
  • Forex Store’s 30-day refund policy
  • No team revealed
  • No settings or strategy explanations provided
  • No risk advice given
  • The system uses a Martingale strategy
  • The last trading results are horrible
  • No clients’ testimonials provided
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