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BigPoppa Review: A Scam Advisor That Can Zero Your Balance


BigPoppa is a Forex expert advisor that trades fully automatically. The developing company is BenderFX. They have many products in their portfolio: “Benderv2, Benderv4, and Shizuka.” In this review, we will analyze this trading tool and tell you as much as possible to help you decide whether it is what you are looking for or it’s better to spend money on the other ATS.

BigPoppa strategies and tests

We have prepared a list of settings that lets us make clear about this robot and a possibility of using it on our account.

  • The system can work automatically for us on our account when we can do whatever we want.
  • We should start using it from a demo account.
  • There were over 300 licenses sold.
  • The release date is 2021.
  • It works on a strategy that is based on “Fibonacci retracements, Price Action with Money management.”
  • The advisor prefers trading during a high volatility period.
  • We should have our balance over $500.
  • The monthly profit can be from 30% to 50%.
  • The time frames are M15 and H1.
  • There are over ten sets of numbers.
  • It works well with Shizuka.
  • The devs provide us a Telegram channel.
  • “BigPoppa, combines the best of Benderv2 and Shizuka, fibo retracements, money management features, capital preservation and price action. We have put all together into this excellent EA and it’s proving to be more and more profitable.”
  • There are features: Trailing Stop, Hedging Limit number of trades and Equity Stop.
  • “Price Action: We do not fully rely on the crossover, we also validate that this crossover has more than 75% of winning chances.”
  • There are backtest reports provided.
  • “Each of the set files from our products were obtained using genetic algorithm techniques, which optimized the parameters to maximize profit factors while keeping a low drawdown.”

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports that would help us to understand if the system is good to go or it should be avoided. This data could reveal lots of useful details about the system: win rate, profitability, trading frequency, and so on.

BigPoppa trading account review

We have only a demo account provided. So, the system has never worked on a real account. Even on a demo account, the advisor has fallen.

BigPoppa trading results

BigPoppa trading results

This is a demo USD account trading under the FXTM brokerage with 1:500 leverage. We have a verified track record and verified trading privileges. The account was created on July 26, 2021, and deposited at $1,000. Since then, the absolute gain has become -99.88%. The monthly profit was -92.13%. The maximum drawdown was 99.92%. As you can see, this trading account was ruined.

BigPoppa details

BigPoppa details

The system executed 180 orders with -1498.9 pips. The number of losing pips was insane. An average win was 18.55 pips when an average loss was -53.65 pips. The win rate for long trading positions was 60%, when for short trading positions it was 64%. The average trade length was 2 days. The profit factor was 0.43. The best advisors have it over 1.6, when the okay advisors have from 1.1 to 1.6. Everything below 1 is a certified scam.

BigPoppa trading directions

BigPoppa trading directions

EURJPY was the most traded pair with 104 orders and $164.12 of the profit.

BigPoppa hourly activities

BigPoppa hourly activities

The advisor traded during the European trading hours.

BigPoppa daily activities

BigPoppa daily activities

Friday with 44 orders was the most traded day.

BigPoppa closed orders

BigPoppa closed orders

As we may note, the system lost so many orders within a month.

BigPoppa monthly profits

BigPoppa monthly profits

September and October 2021 were crucial months for the system.


The devs have written just “Price: $149 USD.” That’s it. No details are explained. We have no intel about the package and other information. Most likely, there’s no refund policy applied.

Is BigPoppa a scam?

Yes. The system is already a scam that has zeroed an account several weeks ago.

People feedback

We have no testimonials written about the system and if it fits people’s expectations.



BigPoppa is a scam advisor that zeroed an account. It was removed from a presentation. Now, we have only screenshots of the past success. The advisor is delivered without refunds. There is no client feedback about how good the system is and how well it works on people’s accounts.

  • Affordable pricing
  • No team revealed
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No backtest reports provided
  • Horrible trading results
  • No refunds provided
  • No customer reviews written

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