Best 5 Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to Profit in 2022?


The crypto gaming industry is currently worth over $300 billion as it allows real-world trading of NFT tokens. There are even options to generate NFT tokens by playing games. So no wonder that this crypto gaming industry has become an attractive place for gamers and developers around the globe alongside investors.

However, it is critical to understand how these games work and how you can make real cash by spending hours on these platforms. This article covers the top five play-to-earn games in the blockchain industry alongside a short brief of play-to-earn games.

What is a play-to-earn game?

Many MMO games enable players to collect many in-game objects like wearables, weapons, or property to further progress. They usually earn rewards by completing challenges, quests, or acquiring loot boxes while playing the game. In blockchain technology, game designers can create NFT tokens that are transferable and provably unique. Users can transfer these tokens to crypto wallets and convert them to fiat currencies. These games are play-to-earn games.

How to choose the best play-to-earn game?

There are over 400 active blockchain games are available currently. When choosing the best play-to-earn game on blockchain technology, it is worth checking several factors as follows:

  • Select platforms that allow you to have coins tradable to other network players or external traders.
  • Choose games that will enable you to easy cash-out procedure.
  • Check how much you need to spend while starting with the game.

The best five crypto games

  • Plant vs Undead
  • Axie Infinity
  • Gods Unchained
  • Decentraland
  • Gala games

Plant vs Undead

It is a quite versatile game with a farm mode that allows users to engage with opportunities to earn light energy and lean to the native token of this platform, the PVU token. When a user controls in-game assets in NFTs, there are ways to make money from this platform by playing games, which makes it a play-to-earn game.

Plant vs Undead overview

Plant vs Undead overview

Players can produce and manage their farms in this game through in-game currency Light Energy (LE). When you have LE tokens, you can convert them to PVU tokens, and many DEX platforms, including BKEX,, LBank, Hoo, and XT.COM, accept PVU tokens currently to exchange.

The PVU token is floating near $0.057 today with a 24-H trading volume of $218,276. Moreover, users can sell NFT plants to the marketplace. Common NFT plants you can sell for 10 PVU, and rare plants’ price can be up to 100 PVU. This game currently runs on BSC.

Axie Infinity

It is blockchain-based gaming and trading platform. It was the first ETH-based NFT game to hit the $1 billion mark in Aug 2021. Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese company, is the creator of this game, currently the most popular NFT game with more than a million users worldwide. Axie Infinity is inspired by other popular games like Tamagotchi and Pokémon.

This platform contains more than 500 body parts, including plant, bird, beast, reptile parts, aquatic, and bug. You can build a team of creatures (Axis), through Arena mode, you can use them to battle, and the Adventure mode enables using these creatures to fight enemies.

Axies marketplace

Axies marketplace

Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) are two crypto coins of this platform. Any user requires both tokens to breed an Axie and need at least two Axis to do that. The game’s PVP leaderboard enables users to get AXS, whereas winning arena matches and completing adventure mode levels allow earning SLP tokens. The native token of this platform AXS is floating near $52.46 today with a 24-H trading volume of $379,300,596.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchanged uses Immutable X and runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. This platform is capable of 9,000 TPS and enables dApp’s peer-to-peer trading without fees. The game director of this platform is Chris Clay. It is a card game where players fight using core cards, genesis cards, and a deck of cards. Players can earn Core cards while playing. If players want to skip grinding, they can buy another pack of cards.

Gods Unchained platform

Gods Unchained platform

You can buy/sell all card offerings in the immutable X marketplace that uses Ethereum as currency. Users need to register to play games, and this platform provides a free set of cards for new users to start. The native token of this platform, GODS, is an ERC-20 token that is floating near $1.33 today with a 24-H trading volume of $9,524,488.


It is a 3D VR crypto gaming platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. In this platform, players can explore lands and create content based on their preferences and unique avatars with marvelous experiences. Users can use MANA tokens for pleasurable social activities with this platform alongside buying/selling in-game items.

Decentraland homepage

Decentraland homepage

As the world is getting closer to the metaverse, it has become an attractive platform for users worldwide. Moreover, many major crypto exchange platforms, including DigiFinex, Binance, FTX, CoinTiger and OKX.

MANA is floating near $2.77 today with a 24-H trading volume of $1,020,958,289. This platform allows users to experience, monetize, and create applications and content.

Gala games

Gala games is a blockchain-based crypto gaming platform that enables various crypto games. The GALA coin is the native token of this platform, an ERC-20 token that users can use within the ecosystem and in-game transactions. Users are not only trading GALA tokens in the Gala games NFT marketplace; they can also collect and sell in-game items by numerous other cryptocurrencies at a set price depending on attributes and rareness.

Gala games homepage

Gala games homepage

There are five play-to-earn games under this gaming platform: Spider Tank, Town Star, Mirandus, Echoes of Empires, and Fortified. The native token GALA is floating near $0.25 today with a 24-H trading volume of $1,322,657,956.

Final thought

Play-to-earn games are the hottest trend of the blockchain industry. Using various NFT assets, users can control the game more than ever before. The opportunities to earn tokens by playing or directly creating NFT make this sector more attractive as users can earn money besides entertainment or developing skills.


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