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FXParabol Review: Provides Good Profits With Affordable Drawdowns


FXParabol is a trading solution that can help traders with being profitable on the Forex market. There’s no information about the company or whether it is officially registered. We don’t have any info about the other trading solutions developed by them.

FXParabol strategies and tests

The presentation includes some explanations about how the system functions and how it is going to help us with making profits.

  • The robot can cover us with automatic orders execution.
  • There are indicators that can be used to calculate entry points: Parabolic SAR and Bollinger Bands.
  • We can expect that the robot provides us with the precise entry points.
  • It will open and close orders for us completely automatically.
  • It is possible to recover an account after some orders are lost.
  • We can open orders on USDJPY and USDCHF charts.
  • The system can cut out drawdowns to protect our balance.
  • The developers allow us to manage the robot’s settings.
  • It has to work with low drawdowns.
  • We can open accounts on any broker house.
  • The system supports any account type.
  • We can work on MT4 or MT5 trading platforms.
  • The advisor exists on the market for a long time.
  • We should rely on 70% of the win rate.
FXParabol backtest

FXParabol backtest

The robot was tested on H1 on USDJPY. The period united seven years of tick data. The modeling quality was 90.00% with 30-pips spreads. An initial deposit of $10,000.was transformed into $40,232 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 2.65. There were 406 deals executed with the 75% and 73% win rate for short and long trading positions.

FXParabol trading account review

FXParabol trading results on Myfxbook

FXParabol trading results on Myfxbook

FXParabol trades on a real USD account on FXOpen automatically with 1:500 leverage. The system receives technical indicators data from the MT4 platform. The account has lost a verified track record. It was created on August 19, 2020, and deposited at $1,000. Since then, the total gain has become 451.30%. An average monthly gain is 9.80%, while the maximum drawdown is 22.86%.

FXParabol trading details

FXParabol trading details

The advisor has executed 141 deals with 1679.7 pips obtained. An average win is 51.13 pips when an average loss is -71.74 pips. An average win rate is average: 62% and 78% for short and long trading positions. The trade length is 10 days. The profit factor is 2.28.

FXParabol directions

FXParabol directions

The short direction with 92 deals closed is traded twice more frequently than the long one with 47 deals.

FXParabol risks

FXParabol risks

There are medium risks of losing the balance. We have an 8.48% chance of losing 10% of the balance.

FXParabol closed orders

FXParabol closed orders

The system works with a Grid of 2-4 orders with conservative Martingale.

FXParabol monthly profitability

FXParabol monthly profitability

The system is profitable this year so far.


FXParabol pricing details

FXParabol pricing details

The offer allows us to buy a single real account copy for $289. We are receiving a real account license that can be switched as many times as we want, some demo accounts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is FXParabol a good advisor?

Most likely, yes. Anyway, it’s based on the risky combo of grid and martingale.

People feedback

We have no testimonials written about how good this system is and how many profits the robot provided.



FXParabol is a trading advisor that works on the real market for one year and a half. It shows that it can survive using risky strategies such as Martingale and a Grid of orders. Anyway, we don’t know if it works that well for clients because we have no testimonials written about it.

  • Various backtest report shown
  • Trading results provided
  • Powered by Forex Store
  • A refund policy supported
  • No team revealed
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No settings explanations provided
  • It uses a combo of grid and martingale strategies
  • No people testimonials written

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