TRON Posts Double-Digit Earnings as Total Number of Accounts Nears the 100M Mark

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As the crypto market continues to alternate between the bearish and bullish trends, the open-source blockchain-based operating system Tron (TRX) is posting remarkable results.

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TRXUSD up +7.69%, BTCUSD up +0.95%

TRON has been performing exceptionally well in terms of both daily and weekly returns, leading the top 100 cryptos by market capitalization in terms of gains, with 5.08% gains over 24 hours and 16.22% compared to a week earlier.

The total number of accounts on the TRON mainnet platform has risen to hit nearly 100 million. Moreover, 1,476,689 new accounts were added in the week between May 16 and May 22.

Meanwhile, the overall number of transactions on the network hit 3.21 billion, of which 33.59 million new ones were reported in the last week alone. The total value locked of the blockchain has hit $9.2B.

The TRON blockchain height topped 40.79 million, with a total of 5,963 nodes across the network.


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