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V12 Trading Review: An Unproven Forex Signals Service

V12 Trading

V12 Trading is a signals service that claims to let you enter the top 5% group of traders who are successful in the Forex market. It also promises to make more than 3500 pips every month. These are quite bold claims, but we must investigate them at our end to determine whether the platform is truly profitable or not.

The V12 Trading team consists of expert traders with over 8 years of experience. However, we have no way of verifying their trading experience since the vendor has not revealed their identities. We don’t know where the company is based or whether it has built similar systems in the past.

V12 Trading strategies and tests

V12 Trading has an official Telegram Channel where you can get trading signals for free. Here, you can also access the past performance of the system. This signal provider is compatible with MT4. After downloading the Telegram app, you need to sign up with the broker. The vendor recommends the AVATrade brokerage for best compatibility and trading conditions.

The trading signals contain information like the buy or sell price, stop loss and the take profit points. The user needs to make sure their point of entry lies within a distance of 10 pips from the recommended entry price. It is also recommended that you use 100 Euros for every 0.01 lot.

In case you get a signal with three take profits, you should open 3 distinct positions after dividing your lot into 3 equal portions.

V12 Trading uses a pip locking strategy where you keep moving the stop loss during the trade. Once you reach the first take profit point, you should shift the stop loss to the entry price. Every month, traders receive 3-12 Forex trading signals from V12 Trading.

Backtests are important for automated trading systems since they reveal their durability. Since these tests are conducted over a period spanning several years, you can determine whether the EA can deal with various market conditions. Since V12 Trading is a signals provider and not an EA, we don’t need to analyze the backtesting results.

V12 Trading track record review

Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared the live trading results for V12 Trading. This comes as a major disappointment, and most traders would not risk investing in a system that is not supported by verified trading statistics. From verified accounts, we get to know about the important performance metrics like win rate, profit factor, drawdown, etc. Without them, it is not possible to gauge the profitability of this signal provider.


Pricing plans of V12 Trading

Pricing plans of V12 Trading

The three VIP plans for V12 Trading have validity periods of 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year, and the prices for them are 49 Euros, 119 Euros, and 349 Euros, respectively. Each of them gives you access to the VIP Telegram channel. You get 3000 to 7000 pips per month and can utilize the risk management principles and the trading strategy. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

Is V12 Trading a scam?

Yes, we think V12 Trading is indeed a scam service. There is not enough information on the vendor and there are no verified trading statistics that show us the real-time performance of this system. The vendor makes some unrealistic promises but fails to back them up with solid facts. Also, the plans are a bit expensive and not backed by a refund policy.

User review for V12 Trading on Trustpilot

User review for V12 Trading on Trustpilot

There are several reviews on this signals provider on the Trustpilot website. One user claims that there is no technical proof behind the trading positions suggested in the signals. They have also stated that the company did not publish the VIP reports for September 2021, since they made heavy losses that month.

Other notes

There is a Free Telegram channel for V12 Trading. By depositing at least $300 on AVATrade, you can unlock 1-year free access to the VIP signals group. To get added to this group, you need to contact the admin once your deposit is approved.

V12 Trading


V12 Trading is not a signals provider that can provide you with reliable trading signals on a consistent basis. It lacks verified trading results and the vendor does not offer any refunds. This, along with the lack of information about the parent company instantly makes it an extremely risky investment.

  • Free VIP Group access
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • No verified trading results
  • No money-back guarantee

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