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TradeSanta Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?


TradeSanta provides various perks including a powerful terminal, bots, and trading signals that ensure you trade faster and get maximum profits. The vendor assures that the bots are ideal for all types of crypto traders. A dedicated mobile app and a marketplace for accessing successful strategies of professional traders are other key benefits this platform offers.

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About TradeSanta

TradeSanta provides automated trading on all major exchanges via its cloud platform. It was launched in 2018 and has since been a reckoning force in automated trading. It has expanded its reach in 2020 by increasing its supported exchanges and advanced trading tools.

TradeSanta review: key features

Some of the significant features that make the platform stand apart from its competitors are:

  • You can pick from the available strategies such as grid or DCA methods based on the market conditions and your trading preference.
  • An extra orders feature ensures you make profits even when the market conditions do not favor your initial approach.
  • Technical indicators like MACD, RSI, and Bollinger either separately or together provide optimal point entry for the bots.
  • Risk management includes the use of SL for use when the price movement is against your approach.
  • Customer support is present 24/7 via email or Telegram.

TradeSanta: trading strategy

The bot uses signals from technical indicators or immediately after setting up the software based on the filters you have set. It uses TP and many Extra orders.

While the TP order helps make a profit at the user’s set percentage level, if the price moves against the strategy, the extra order is activated and another extra order is placed automatically. There is a reduction in the TP level with every extra order.

As per the vendor, the Extra order feature helps to exploit price fluctuation and optimize your strategy based on the prevailing market conditions.

Security of TradeSanta

Security of the personal and account data of users is taken care of expertly by the platform. As per the vendor, the company works only with reputed exchanges that have high-security measures. The API keys allow only trading by the bots and they do not have control over your assets.  Two-factor authentication is used by the company to increase account security and the vendor recommends the use of a strong password to prevent hacking.

Is TradeSanta safe?

The company provides automated crypto bots for efficient trading since 2018. From the info available on the official site, the firm has been featured on many of the leading crypto sites like BuzzFeed, CoinTelegraph, Newsbit, coincodex, and more. The company, TradeSanta Global Limited is a BVI business company with a BVI register number indicating its reliability.

How much does TradeSanta cost?

Paid plans of the company include a Basic plan ($25/month) with a maximum of 49 bots, an Advanced plan ($45/month) offering a maximum of 99 bots, and a Maximum plan ($70/month) with an unlimited number of bots.

An annual plan is also present which has lower pricing namely $15, $27, and $35 respectively for the three plans. An unlimited number of trading pairs and access points are common to the plans and they differ in the bots and the features provided. A 3-day trial Maximum pack is on offer for all new users.

Deposit and withdrawal

The platform does not store cryptocoins and does not have access to the funds of the users. Hence there are no deposit or withdrawal features present for the service.

Does TradeSanta charge fees and commissions?

Besides the subscription plans, the company does not charge any additional fees or commissions for trading via the bot.

How much profit can it earn?

The vendor does not provide info on the performance results for the bots. As per the vendor, a bot is just a tool that helps you trade quickly and efficiently. The profits you earn are dependent on your approach and the investment you make.

Company reputation

Founded in 2018, the company focuses on providing automated tools for crypto traders. The main focus of the firm is to provide a powerful interface for effortless trading for traders of all experience levels.

TradeSanta reviews

User review for TradeSanta on the Trustpilot site

User review for TradeSanta on the Trustpilot site

User review for TradeSanta on the Trustpilot site

User review for TradeSanta on the Trustpilot site

We found 45 reviews for the company on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 4.1/5. From the user feedback, it is clear that the bots are efficient and the interface is user-friendly. The support is also good as per the reviews.

Who is TradeSanta for?

With beginner-friendly and diverse features, the platform is ideal for newbies and professional traders.

TradeSanta: supported devices

The bot is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. The dedicated app allows you to use it on your mobile phone.

What exchanges does TradeSanta support?

The main supported exchanges are

  • Binance
  • HitBTC
  • Binance US
  • Binance Futures
  • Upbit
  • Huobi
  • Okex
  • Coinbase Pro

TradeSanta: customer care

Links to Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are present in addition to an email address and an FAQ section for support. So, you can easily get in touch with support if needed.

TradeSanta Crypto Bot


TradeSanta offers diversified features and a user-friendly interface enabling quick, efficient, and successful trading. The three-day trial, reputed exchange support, risk management, and demo accounts are important benefits for traders.

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  • Diversified features
  • 3-day trial
  • No hidden charges or commission fees
  • Only a few supported exchanges

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