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CryptoHero Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?


CryptoHero is an automated bot for crypto trading that works round the clock. It is easy and quick to set up. You can use it on the go so you do not miss out on profitable trades. The Marketplace feature has proven bots created by experienced traders. Multiple exchanges are supported by the platform enabling users to connect the bot to their favored exchange. Users can also manage multiple accounts with the bot.

About CryptoHero

CryptoHero is a cloud-based software for crypto trading. It is a fully automated system that works 24/7. It uses your exchange API keys for trading via the supported crypto exchanges. The platform is safe as it does not require users to deposit funds.

CryptoHero review: key features

Some of the important features of the crypto trading bot as per the vendor are:

  • It offers different types of bots that are free to use.
  • The bot executes automated trades 24/7.
  • Setup is easy to do without any need for coding knowledge.
  • All your trading info is private as the platform does not share your information with exchanges via their affiliate or broker programs.
  • You can test the strategies of the platform before implementing them.
  • Simulation testing allows you to test the bots without using real capital.
  • The Marketplace provides access to plenty of proven bots created by expert traders.

CryptoHero: trading strategy

As per the vendor, the platform has crypto bots for all types of markets including bear, bull, and range-bound markets. It uses intelligent bots that help generate profits from any type of market condition. You can execute various strategies such as dollar cost averaging, long and short strategies, indicators and triggers, range-bound trading, and many more.

Security of CryptoHero

As per the info on the official site, the company stores user data on secure servers. It restricts access to the personal info of users to its employees, contractors, and service providers. Unfortunately, we could not find further info on the security measures the company uses.

Is CryptoHero safe?

The vendor claims that the platform is safe to use as it does not share user info with any of the supported exchanges via their affiliate programs or brokers.

How much does CryptoHero cost?

A free basic plan, a Premium plan costing $11.66 per month, and a Professional plan costing $24.99 per month are present for the bot. The plans differ in the number of bots available. All plans have features such as an unlimited number of positions, bots marketplace access, long and short strategy, optimized bots, multiple indicator triggers, and more.

Deposit and withdrawal

The platform does not have deposit and withdrawal functions as all funds are handled by the exchange only. Only trading permission is present for the bot.

Does CryptoHero charge fees and commissions?

Other than the monthly charges, no transaction fees or commissions are charged by the platform.

How much profit can it earn?

Besides mentioning that the bots generate high returns, the platform does not provide verified proof for its performance.

Company reputation

Christopher Low is the founder of the company. The company is based in Singapore. It is backed by the Novum Group, which is a big blockchain-based group of companies involved in media, technology, and hedge fund. The group has offices in Vietnam, USA, and Switzerland also. The vendor provides a location address for the company.

CryptoHero reviews

We found one review for the company on the Trustpilot site. Here is a screenshot of the user feedback:

User review of CryptoHero on the Trustpilot site

User review of CryptoHero on the Trustpilot site

As per the above review, it is clear that the crypt bot is stable and has a great user interface.

Who is CryptoHero for?

With backtesting, simulation tests, and advanced bots that generate profit in all market conditions, the platform is well-suited for newbie traders and experienced traders.

CryptoHero: supported devices

The platform supports Web, iOS, and Android systems allowing you access to the best opportunities at all times regardless of the device you are using.

What exchanges does CryptoHero support?

The service supports several exchanges including:

  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Mandala
  • Coinbase
  • Indodax
  • Binance.US
  • and more

CryptoHero: customer care

For assistance, the service offers a Telegram link, an email address, an FAQ section, a location address, and an online contact form.

CryptoHero Crypto Bot


CryptoHero offers full trading automation with its efficient bots. The easy setup, backtesting, paper trading, free plan, and the Bots marketplace are beneficial features of the platform. However, you need to mull over the shortcomings such as the lack of verified performance and the absence of a detailed guide for using the system.

  • Free plan
  • Multiple exchange support
  • No transaction fee
  • No verified track record
  • Absence of a user guide or tutorial

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