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Trade Explorer Review: A Much Hyped Expert Advisor

Trade Explorer

Trade Explorer is alleged to be a verified Forex robot that scans currency pairs for quick, simple profit opportunities. It can work with any broker, or if you want, the vendor can recommend the one that is most compatible with the system. The robot uses an advanced dynamic trade management system, which the devs state helps to maintain an insanely high return with low drawdown.

LeapFX is the company behind this EA. Apart from producing Forex trading robots, this company says it partners with experienced providers to determine which systems, money managers, and signal providers are trustworthy. Some of the robots LeapFX is currently promoting are: Funnel Trader, Gold Trader, Arbitron, InstantEA, Jet Trader Pro, Bounce Trader, etc.

Trade Explorer strategies and tests

Here’s what the vendor says is featured in the robot:

  • Full software access, along with guides about how to install it
  • Automatic, built in settings
  • Superb customer service
  • Free updates for life to maintain its initial edge
  • Best recommendations to optimize success
  • A monitoring service to ascertain which currency pairs are ripe for trading

The vendor discloses that they have programmed the algorithm to monitor market trends and price action, but they do not provide the technical details about these strategies. We can’t tell when the EA enters or exits the market. Notably, the system ignores sharp movements and market noise.

Trade Explorer lacks backtest results. So, we don’t have insight into how it behaves under different market conditions.There are some screenshots on the website with the system’s past trading results. However, we don’t have proof that they belong to this EA as we cannot check them.

Trade Explorer track record review

Live trading stats

Live trading stats

The account was deployed on January 23, 2020, and to date, the EA’s trading activities have led to a gain of 93.61%. Initially, a deposit of $5000 was placed, and with time, it has increased to $9680.50 after the robot made a $4680.50 profit. The current drawdown is 58.64%. Clearly, trading risks increase as time passes by. We have a risk/reward ratio of 6.8:1.

Performance of trades

Performance of trades

There’s a profit factor of 1.60 from 3581 trades. This indicates that the robot is not that lucrative. Instead, more losses are recorded, as evidenced by an average loss of -82.23 pips against a lower average win (27.54 pips). The win rates for buy and sell orders are 76% and 75%, respectively. The average trade length is 1 day.

Monthly profits

Monthly profits

The monthly profits declined between July 2020 and September 2020. Unfortunately, we don’t know how the robot performed in the months that followed because this graph has not been updated since then.

History of trading

History of trading

The trading history has also not been updated since September 2020. Anyway, we can see that the grid approach was present, and many losses were made as a result. It is also apparent that the profit amounts were lower compared to the loss amounts.

Weekly trades

Weekly trades

Monday and Friday are the least active days. The system is mainly busy between Tuesday and Thursday.


Trade Explorer’s pricing packs

Trade Explorer’s pricing packs

Trade Explorer has two payment options. We have the yearly and lifetime membership plans that are asking for $397 and $697, respectively. According to the vendor, the lifetime deal is more popular since it is offered at a discounted price, which will increase soon.

If you purchase the EA and later feel it is not for you, just send the company a refund request. But you need to do so within the first 30 days after purchase to receive a complete no questions asked refund.

Is Trade Explorer a good system to rely on?

We have learned that Trade Explorer is a grid-based EA. So, the possibility of the system being on the wrong side of the market is very real. In such instances, immense losses can be incurred.

Customer reviews

There are several customer reviews for LeapFX Company on FPA where traders have commented about the efficiency of its products. Lucky enough, we found one testimonial that talks about Trader Explorer. As per this client, the EA works well, and it has grown his account consistently. The key, he says, is using the correct risk management and not getting involved in your trades.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Trade Explorer


Trade Explorer has run an account on Myfxbook for close to two years and made substantial profits for it. In addition, the EA has sustained the account’s viability as it has a low risk of ruin. But we are concerned about the grid strategy on the board. It has already led to a high drawdown, and with reducing monthly profit, the risk/reward ratio might worsen.

  • Offers customer support
  • Low risk of ruin
  • Poor risk reward ratio
  • High drawdown
  • The grid strategy is present
  • Reducing monthly profit

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