Semiconductor Equipment Industry’s Billings Jumped 4.7% In May To $3.59 Billion

Semiconductor Equipment Industry’s Billings Jumped 4.7% in May to $3.59 billion

The North American semiconductor equipment industry increased to $3.59 billion globally in May 2021, a 4.7% increase in May than April 2021.

Source: SEMI.ORG.

SMH gains +0.09.

In April, the billings were lower at $3.43 billion. May’s billings were 53.1% higher than the same period in 2020, at $2.34 billion.

SEMI President recognized the positive growth trend of the billings of North America-based conductor equipment industry.

The increase in the investments in the semiconductor industry grew significantly as the industry made strides in addressing the manufacturing capacity constraints.

From January 2021 to May, the Year-Over-Year rate of the billings of the semiconductor industry has grown consistently.

In January, the YOY was 29.8% and increased to 53.1% in May 2021.


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