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Pipfinite EA Trend Pro Review: A Robot With Poor Performance and an Ineffective Approach

PipFinite EA Trend PRO

EA Trend PRO trades the PipFinite Trend Pro signal. It is an automated system that manages trades based on user preference. It boasts customizable features that boost the trading approach like entry and exit filters for time frame, trailing stop, and more. Karlo Wilson Vendiola is the developer of this EA. He is based in the Philippines and has more than seven years of experience. He has developed 20 products and 9 signals. Other products of the developer include Breakout Edge, Sequence Edge. Trend Grid EA and more.

PipFinite EA Trend PRO strategies and tests

Features of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

Features of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

Some of the features that this EA has are an inbuilt Trend PRO indicator algorithm, multiple filters, automatic money management, breakeven options, and SL and TP options. The minimum capital requirement is $50. Inbuilt entry and exit filters that can be enabled or disabled as per user preference. It works in any timeframe and has the Martingale strategy as an optional feature. Other features include inbuilt email, push, and pop-up notification alerts. All settings are fully customized.

Backtests are provided by the developer for various currency pairs. Here is a backtest for the EURUSD pair using the H1 timeframe.

Backtesting results with graph showing the account growth

Backtesting results with graph showing the account growth

For an initial deposit of $2000, the test done from 2019 shows a total profit of 3973.92 and a profit factor of 1.42. The maximum drawdown was 18.09% and the profitability was 64%. Since the modeling quality was only 90%, the test does not reveal important details like the slippage, commission, etc. We find that the profits are not high indicating poor performance.

PipFinite EA Trend PRO live trading account review

A real live USD account using the RoboForex broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the Metatrader terminal verified by the myfxbook site is shown here.

Real trading results with growth graph

Real trading results with growth graph

Advanced trading stats of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

Advanced trading stats of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

From the above screenshots, we can see the total profit is 2.56% and the absolute profit is 2.57%. A daily and monthly profit of 0.09% and 2.56% are present for the account started on August 1, 2021. A drawdown of 24.81% is shown which is very high for such a short duration. An initial deposit of $200 is used for this account which has completed 28 trades with a profitability of 39%. The profit factor value is 1.07.

A lot size of 0.02 is used for the trading as per the trading history. The low profitability and high drawdown indicate poor performance and a high-risk approach. Further, comparing the backtest results with the real trading results we can see the profits are less, while the drawdown is high. This shows that the performance in the backtests does not correlate with the actual performance.


Pricing plans of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

Pricing plans of PipFinite EA Trend PRO

To purchase this EA, you need to pay $198. Rental packages are present which cost $98 for a one-month rental and $158 for a one-year rental. When compared to the average rates of competitor EAs in the market, the price is not expensive. However, the developer does not provide a money-back guarantee which makes us suspect the reliability of the EA.

Is PipFinite EA Trend PRO robot a scam?

From our evaluation of the features, trading approach, and performance, we find this is a scam EA. For starters, the vendor does not provide information on the strategy. Other than the mention of using the Trend Pro indicator signal, there is no explanation of the approach which is disappointing. While verified trading results are present, the details reveal a poor performance. The big drawdown indicates a risk approach. Furthermore, the sample size is too small to predict the performance accurately.

We found a few reviews on the MQL5 site for this EA. Here is a screenshot of user feedback.

A user review complaining of the poor real trading performance

A user review complaining of the poor real trading performance

As per the user, the FX EA does not provide good results as shown in the backtests. This confirms our analysis that the backtests do not reflect on the real trading performance.

Pipfinite EA Trend Pro


The Trend Pro EA from PipFinite assures proven results and unique algorithms that help in profitable trading. But our evaluation of the features, trading approach, backtests, and real trading results prove otherwise. The lack of explanation of the trading approach, absence of money-back assurance, and poor performance in real trading are important factors that confirm our suspicion that this is not a trustworthy FX EA. Furthermore, the small sample size shown in the real trading performance is not sufficient to assess the performance. In short, we do not recommend this expert advisor.

  • Fully automated trade settings
  • Price is affordable
  • The strategy is not explained
  • High drawdown in real trading indicates a risky approach
  • Poor performance

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