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Napbots Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?


Napbots is a system that unites several trading solutions under one roof. We can expect to get profits on the crypto market safely. The developers provide us with documentation and details about how Napbots will work for us. It was a reason to check the system out.

About Napbots

Napbots is a platform that allows its users to work with marketplace features and copy trade the best signals. We may get started without proper or any previous experience.

Napbots review: key features

The product presentation includes details about the system and its features that, according to te developer, can be useful in our crypto journey.

  • We can expect that the robot will provide us with completely automatic trading experience.
  • The platform allows us to design various trading strategies and implement them into bots.
  • The robots will work with the market only through API keys.
  • There’s a team of experienced developers and traders we bind the system who formerly managed several billion euros worth of assets under management at tier one financial groups.
  • So, we have opportunities to check this.
  • The developers provide people with a possibility to design their own bots based on the most liquidity crypto assstes.
  • We can design robots for various time frames from the short term to long term ones.
  • It offers thematic exposures with indexes.
  • The strategies can be for the Buy and Sell directions.
  • The devs keep being in touch with current market conditions.
  • We can choose the best package offered to fit our trading and paid expectations fully.
  • The system can rebalance our portfolio safely in time.
  • It manages our account using API keys that allows the robot to trade from our behalf.
  • The system supports trading on many exchanges at the same time.
  • We can develop our own strategy to fit our preferences in the best way.
  • We are allowed to start working experience free.
  • It doesn’t require us to have coding skills.
  • The UI is easy to work with.
  • There should be sophisticated algorithms implemented.
  • We can find the trading bot with a strategy that fits our needs.
  • There are bots like altcoin bots, pre-built bots, AI bots, trend following bots, mean-reversion bots, etc.
  • There are no hidden fees applied.
  • The platform is useful here and now for over 12,000 users.

Napbots: trading strategy

The system provides working with absolutely different strategies like AI, trend, mean-reversion bots and many others.

Security of Napbots

The robot will work on the market, using API keys. This means that the system can trade from our behalf, but it’s prohibited to withdraw our account. The platform for designing bots looks secured and well-designed.

How much does Napbots cost?

The offer includes various pricing on the board. So, the cheapest plan is Silver for €19/month. We can get a trial for seven days. The Gold pack can be subscribed for €49 monthly. The most expensive, Platinum plan, costs €99 per month. All the packages are featured by unlimited exchanges support, unlimited daily bots, unlimited indexes, leverage, unlimited weekly bots, unlimited hourly bots, support via email and phone, and an unlimited number of pre-built bots.

Deposit and withdrawal

The boys don’t require us to deposit or withdraw from its account. We have a subscription and work with them.

Do Napbots charge fees and commissions?

There are no hidden commissions applied. So, we pay for it and that’s it.

How much profit can it earn?

We don’t have such details revealed. Also, there’s no trading results or at least paper trading provided. As a result, it’s not possible to predict if the system can manage our portfolio profitably.

Company reputation

We have a real company behind NapBots. The system is a trademark of CoinShares Technologies Limited, a CoinShares International Limited subsidiary.

Napbots reviews

There are no prople’s testimonials available to understand if the system works well for people and if they can manage to reach the results they set.

Who is Napbots for?

The system can be used by people with all levels of trading experience. Anyway, if we want to develop our own bots, we should have a proper level of coding and trading experience.

Napbots: supported devices

The robot and platform can be used only through browsers.

What exchanges does Napbots support?

There were the following exchanges mentioned in the presentation: Binance, FTX, Kraken, Huobi, OKEX and Bitfinex.

Napbots: customer care

The developers provide actual clients and visitors with an acceptable level of customer support.


Napbots Crypto Bot


Napbots is a service that mixes several already built bots with a platform that allows us to develop our own strategies. The presentation informs us about what we have to expect from the system and what features were implemented into the bot designing platform.

  • We can design our own bots
  • Various subscription options provided
  • No team revealed
  • No risk mentioned
  • No settings explanations provided

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