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Mr.Martin Review: Trades With a Grid and Martingale Combo


Mr.Martin is a robot that was designed to trade EURUSD on the Forex market. The presentation can be found on the MQL5 community.

Mr.Martin strategies and tests

We have gathered all available information about the system in the following list.

  • The system was designed to help its owner with automatic orders execution on the market.
  • The only platform to trade is MT4.
  • The robot works with averaging unprofitable positions.
  • There are the following features available: an unique input system, several filters, and the deposit protection system.
  • We’d like to note that a few robots can manage that risky way of trading.
  • The default settings are optimized.
  • EURUSD is the only pair to work with.
  • The advisor performs on the M1 time frame.
  • GMT offset should be set +2.
  • We have to run an account with $1000 on the balance.
  • The settings can allow us to work aggressively or conservative.
  • It opens and closes trades on a “closed bar.”
  • The system isn’t sewed to any broker.
  • We can be profitable with any spreads.
  • The account type should be Hedge.
  • The presentation also claims that spreads have to be lower than 10 pips.
  • That’s it. No more explanations for us.
Mr.Martin backtest report

Mr.Martin backtest report

We have a test of EURUSD on M15. The dev decided to pick data from 2014-2018. The modeling quality was 99.90% with variable (real) spreads. An initial deposit was $750. It has become $5919.49 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 3.75. The maximum drawdown was 11.27%. The robot has executed 689 deals with an average win rate of 73-74%.

Mr.Martin trading account review

The developer decided not to risk his real money and he set it to work on a demo account. It’s a huge con because we don’t know if the advisor is profitable under real market conditions.

Mr.Martin trading results on MQL5

Mr.Martin trading results on MQL5

The advisor works through the RoboForex brokerage. The maximum drawdown is 46.1%. The maximum deposit load is insanely high – 89.5%. The win rate is 73.3%. The total growth has become 298.04%.

Mr.Martin growth chart on MQL5

Mr.Martin growth chart on MQL5

The growing chart showed that the system has risky strategies behind the system because it does not trade smoothly.

Mr.Martin closed orders on MQL5

Mr.Martin closed orders on MQL5

It’s easy to check that the system works with a Grid of orders and quite aggressive, x8 Martingale.

Mr.Martin statistics on MQL5

Mr.Martin statistics on MQL5

Mr.Martin performed 454 deals. The best trade was $13,308 when the worst trade was -$2,306. The recovery factor is 3.73 when the profit factor is 2.55. An annual forecast is 51.51%.

Mr.Martin distribution on MQL5

Mr.Martin distribution on MQL5

The robot works only with EURUSD. The sell direction is traded three times more than buy direction.


The advisor is available for $360 for a real account copy. Alas, the developer decided not to provide us with subscription options. Anyway, a demo copy lets us check settings and other details on the terminal.

Is Mr.Martin a good advisor?

It works with a risky strategy combo of a Grid with Martingale. The growth chart shows that the advisor can easily lose 15-25% of the balance.

People feedback

The dev’s profile on MQL5

The dev’s profile on MQL5

Vasiliy Kolesov has 3396 rating on MQL5. Since our last visit, the rate has decreased. It was over 3450. There are 10 products and 14 signals in the portfolio.

Customer testimonial on MQL5

Customer testimonial on MQL5

The trader claims that the system looks dangerous.



Mr.Martin is a robot that tries to perform a mix of Martingale and Grid strategies well. The growth chart showed that the robot works with huge risks and can easily halve and account. We don’t know for sure if the robot will work well in 2022.

  • Backtest reports shared
  • Trading results shared
  • No risk advice given
  • No settings explanations provided
  • The robot works with a Grid and Martingale combo
  • Some negative feedback written
  • No rental options available

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