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Lux Algo Review: The Forex System With No Tracking Records

Lux Algo

Lux Algo is a  Forex system that can be used by traders to make profits on the market. There’s a claim that “Enhance your trading experience. They build next-generation tools on TradingViews and Discord to help the world trade smarter.” We don’t know for sure who those developers are and if they have profiles on MQL5 or Facebook to check them and their experience out. We have decided to figure out if the system is a viable option.

Lux Algo strategies and tests

There’s a list of settings, details, and features prepared in the following list to understand the system better.

  • The presentation looks optimized, so there was much information about the system removed.
  • The devs decided to claim that they are #1 in the world.
  • This statement is discussable. We can’t trust it blindly.
  • There are over 35000 traders who use this service. We can’t check this information either.
  • There’s a set of indicators that allow following financial institutions trading and become much more profitable.
  • There are signals that can be delivered via automatic alerts.
  • All functionality is available on the TradingView site.
  • It doesn’t repair signals if they are provided.
  • There’s a big Discord channel.
  • We can get those signals in real-time.
  • There are updates provided if signals are changed.
  • We may cancel our subscription without problems.
Lux Algo discord

Lux Algo discord

  • We have many channels created with content on Discord.

Lux Algo live trading account review

The developers don’t have a real account where they would work with mentioned indicators to make profits. It’s a significant con.

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports that would help us with understanding if these indicators were tested properly and they were truly profitable working with tick data. It’s a con that we are not allowed to check the final reports with detailed data.

The same picture we have when we talk about trading results. The system is that good where we can check those results. We’d like to see an account verified, as usual, by Myfxbook, FXBlue, FXStat, or at least MQL5. These services provide us with graphics, charts, tables, and other visual data to help us make the final decision about the system. It’s important for us to understand that the developers are in the same boat with us and they make profits on the market, not from selling the system.


Lux Algo pricing

Lux Algo pricing

We have three packages available. All of them are subscriptions. The monthly subscription costs $67.99. The quarterly subscription costs $143.97 (saving 30%). The original price was $203.97. The annual subscription costs $489.99 (saving 40%). All packages include a premium indicator suite on tradingview, VIP Discord Access, signal settings optimization experience, and free lifetime updates. The service doesn’t support us with a refund policy.

Is Lux Algo a good system to rely on?

We can’t tell for sure without checking trading results. So, the final decision is up to you.

People feedback

People testimonials

People testimonials

We have only screenshots of positive testimonials.

People testimonials on Trustpilot

People testimonials on Trustpilot

Lux Algo has a profile on Trustpilot with 205 testimonials and a 4.3 rate based on them.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

Negative testimonials

Negative testimonials

People haven’t been satisfied because of low service quality and the devs keep charging them after canceling the subscription.

Lux Algo


Lux Algo is an indicator that has to inform us when it’s the right time to open an order in the long or short direction. The company has only a discord channel with some people online. There are neither backtest nor trading results provided.

  • A discord channel was created
  • No team revealed
  • No risk advice given
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No trading results shown
  • No refund policy provided
  • Many negative testimonials written

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