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Jet Trader Pro Review: A Grid and Martingale Based EA

Jet Trader Pro

Jet Trader Pro is an automated trading system that requires no experience, no chart reading skills, or any prior Forex training. The vendor assures us that the EA can make consistent returns. Another allegation is that you can earn up to 20% profits monthly while using it. We assess the veracity of these claims.

Jet Trader Pro is the brainchild of the LeapFX Group, a company that promises to help traders manage their Forex investments intelligently through its products. The organization has been operating in this market since 2018. So far, it has introduced several systems to the public including, Automic Trader, AX Trader, DynaScalp, and Bounce Trader, among others.

However, it should be noted that the main developer behind this robot is known as Jack McKennon. He has a background in mechanical engineering and asserts he ventured into this field to widen his income base.

Jet Trader Pro strategies and tests

The distinctive features of this robot are listed in this section:

  • Lifetime updates are available
  • Offers the best settings
  • Ongoing, hands-on support is provided
  • The minimum capital required ranges between $100 and $250
  • Runs on the MT4 terminal
  • Is customized to only trade the EURUSD currency pair
  • No special setup is needed
  • Works on nearly any broker the same way
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is featured

Jet Trader Pro is said to utilize a “dynamic price protection strategy” that is meant to make your trading safer and lucrative. It also has reversal counter measures, which are alleged to amass profit even when trades are supposed to lose. Grid and martingale approaches are included in the trading algorithm, but the vendor keeps this a secret.

Jet Trader Pro live trading account review

The vendor has not posted the backtest results for this robot. So, it is not clear if the system was backtested or not.

Live trading results are available on Myfxbook. It should be noted that the stats are for a demo account.

Live trading results

Live trading results

The EA has been managing the above account since November 29, 2018. On average, it makes a profit of 2.35% monthly. You can agree that this profitability rate is quite low. The drawdown figure is much higher — 32.66%. As a result, we have an unfavorable risk/reward ratio of 13.8:1. If this trend goes on, then the robot will take longer to recover losses and slow down the growth of the account in the process.

To date, a profit of $3364.33 has been realized from a deposit of $3100. Currently, the balance is $6459.55, and the gain value is 135.45%.

Trading performance

Trading performance

More than a thousand trades (1175) have been carried out up till now. The data also indicates that both long and short positions have attained similar win rates — 74%. These results are average and not worth bragging about. The profit factor (1.43) is also mediocre. It shows that the robot is unable to generate considerable returns from the money invested. There’s an average trade length of 3 days. Based on the number of lots traded (36.21), it is obvious that the EA doesn’t use huge lot sizes. Therefore, the capital is not exposed to needless risks.

Open trades

Open trades

A majority of the open trades have resulted in losses.

History of trading

History of trading

Grid and martingale strategies are apparent. SL and TP features are also applied. SL levels varied and were rather large. The profits made were small.


Jet Trader Pro’s price

Jet Trader Pro’s price

The vendor is selling a yearly license for this robot at $347. The lifetime license is costlier — $697. Compared to the average price in the market, these two pricing options are very expensive.

Is Jet Trader Pro a good system to rely on?

We have learned that although the EA is fully automated and requires a small capital to work. However, it also makes tiny profits and applies dangerous trading strategies. So, you need to put these positive and negative sides of the robot into consideration.

User reviews

It seems that there are no customers using this product for now. This is because we could not find a single customer review for the EA on any of the trusted verification websites.

Jet Trader Pro


Jet Trader Pro comes with many useful features like constant support, free updates, and a 30-money-back guarantee, among others. But you have to remember the robot uses risky strategies that are known to produce unfavorable results on accounts. In this case, we have seen that the approaches hardly bring in substantial gains. Instead, many losses are made, which have led to a poor risk/reward ratio.

  • Provides a 30-day refund policy
  • Free lifetime updates on offer
  • Uses grid and martingale approaches
  • Is pricey
  • Poor risk/reward ratio
  • Makes small returns

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