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Happy MartiGrid Review: Generates Profits but Trades With High Drawdowns

Happy MartiGrid

Happy Martigrid claims to provide the best returns and in a consistent manner with its effective trading approach. This FX robot uses the Martingale and grid methods in combination with indicators and news filter for high returns. Happy Forex is the company promoting this FX EA. Happy News, Happy breakout, Happy Power, are some of the other FX products of the company.

The official website does not provide much info on the developers, their experience, etc. Other than the domain copyright being registered from 2016 to 2021, we could not find info like the location address, phone number, etc. For support, the company offers live chat, AnyDesk, Teamviewer, and an online contact form.

Happy MartiGrid strategies and tests

Features and requirements of Happy Martigrid

Features and requirements of Happy Martigrid

According to the vendor info, this FX EA uses the Martingale and grid methods. A new filter and technical indicators are also part of the approach. An advanced dynamic SL and TP levels are used. The vendor does not provide further explanation for the strategy which is disappointing. Some of the main features this EA focuses on include:

  • It works on the MT4 platform and installation is easy to do.
  • You can use the EA on a micro, mini, or standard account.
  • A minimum deposit of 3000 USD/Cent is required for using the ATS.
  • It supports ECN brokers and can automatically detect 4 or 5 digit-quotes.
  • This FX EA is a fully automated software that does not need manual intervention.

There are a few backtesting reports for this ATS. Here is one of the tests done for the GBPUSD pair using the H1 timeframe.

Backtesting report of Happy Martigrid

Backtesting report of Happy Martigrid

From the above report, we can see an initial deposit of $3000 was used for the test conducted from 2011 to 2013. A total net profit of 9103.56 was generated by the test for a total of 2105 trades. Profitability of 72.40% and a profit factor of 2.82 were present. A maximum drawdown of 16.91% was recorded indicating a low risk. However, the profits are not high and, in most cases, the results in the backtests are not predictive of future performance.

Happy MartiGrid live trading account review

A real USD account using the ForexMart broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site is shown here.

Growth curve of Happy Martigrid

Growth curve of Happy Martigrid

Advanced trading stats of Happy Martigrid

Advanced trading stats of Happy Martigrid

From the above screenshots, we can see the EA has generated a total profit of 35.05% and an absolute profit of similar value. The daily and monthly profits are 0.16% and 5.09% respectively. A drawdown of 28.58% is present which is a bit high. Most traders will not be comfortable with a drawdown of more than 20%.

For a deposit of $2000, a total of 301 trades have been executed since the trading began in June 2021. Profitability of 81% and a profit factor of 4.01 are present. From the trading history, we can see a lot size of 0.01 is used. Due to the small sample size,it is not possible to assess the performance properly. Further, the drawdown is high indicating a risky strategy.


Pricing of Happy Martigrid

Pricing of Happy Martigrid

To purchase this FX robot, you need to purchase a package of 10 EAs of the Happy Forex company that costs €299 for 2 licenses and €499 for 5 licenses. A 30% discount is present along with a bonus package of the Happy Indicators Pro.

On buying this ATS, you will receive the operating software, user guide, free upgrades and updates, an unlimited number of demo accounts, and 2/5 real accounts licenses. A 30-day money-back guarantee is present for the system. Compared to the market average, the price is expensive when you consider only a single EA. However, the package includes 10 EAs for the price which makes it affordable.

Is the Happy MartiGrid robot a scam?

From our assessment of this ATS, we find it has the following factors that can influence your decision on using it:

Lack of vendor transparency

There are no details on the company and the developer team. The lack of a location address, phone number, etc. indicates a lack of vendor transparency.

No strategy explanation

Other than the mention of the Martingale and grid methods, the vendor does not explain how the risks associated with these methods are handled.

Small sample size

The verified real trading results are for a small sample size which cannot predict the long-term success of the system.

We found 5 reviews for this FX Robot on the FPA site with a rating of 3.542/5.

User review for Happy Martigrid

User review for Happy Martigrid

Fake user review for Happy Martigrid

Fake user review for Happy Martigrid

From the user reviews shown below, it is clear that although the support is good, the EAs are not working properly. Further, a fake review complaint is also present.

Happy MartiGrid


Happy Martigrid assures consistent returns over the long term with its successful strategy. Our analysis reveals that although the real results show profitable growth, the increase is very small and the sample size is not sufficient to predict the performance of the system. Further, there are other downsides like the lack of vendor transparency and the absence of strategy explanation that you have to consider.

  • A fully automated software
  • Myfxbook verified results
  • No strategy explanation is present
  • Real trading results show a risky strategy
  • There is a lack of vendor transparency

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