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Google, Microsoft Ready for New Antitrust Battles as Five-Year Agreement Ends

A logotype collection of well-known world top companies of computer technologies on a monitor screen. Include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel and other logo.

In April, the non-aggression agreement by Microsoft and Google came to an end, opening space for new legal battles.

Source: Bloomberg.

GOOG dips -0.56%, MSFT slips -0.19%

The two tech giants are free to invest in their lobbying efforts, and legal complaints against each other as governments threaten to impose limits on the power of the big tech companies.

The expired non-agreement pact was already fray before its expiry as the companies disagreed publicly on the proposal for Google to pay news publishers for content. Either Microsoft or Google was not ready to extend or renew the alliance.

Microsoft Corporation argued that legal battles seek to give marketers equal access to online search engines and create a robust ecosystem for paying content creators.

Google Inc believes Microsoft denied the alliance as Google is a significant threat to Azure cloud-computing and Office performance businesses.

The end of the cease-fire and increased tensions emerged against the increased efforts for regulation and antitrust government actions against the largest technology corporations, including Facebook Inc, Inc, Apple Inc, and Google.


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