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FxStabilizer Review: An Untrustworthy Trading System


FxStabilizer is said to earn consistent profit every day without long drawdowns. Therefore, since its introduction to the market in 2015 to date, it has not made any losses. These statements are preposterous. Only a scam service would be bold enough to make such unrealistic claims.

The creators of FxStabilizer are anonymous. This makes us suspect that the system is not reliable. If it was, then the devs would proudly tell us who they are, what they do, their trading experience, where they are located, the address you can use to reach them, etc.

FxStabilizer strategies and tests

The vendor is not fully transparent about the trading strategy used by this EA. The information is that the robot computes accurately the best position to open trades and does everything to close them in profit. A stop loss is used to protect your deposit.

We are disappointed by the devs for hiding the fact that their system uses the grid approach. It is important to furnish traders with this info so that they can decide whether they are ready to work with such a dangerous method.

The EA comes with the following characteristics:

  • Uses hard drawdown control.
  • Works with many currencies: USDJPY, EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURGBP, and GBPCHF.
  • Has 2 mode settings: Durable and Turbo.
  • Works on any MT4/5 broker.
  • Has customizable parameters.
  • Easy to use.
  • Customer support is offered.
Backtest data

Backtest data

Here, we are provided with the backtest report for the USDCAD currency pair, which was traded between January 2014 and October 2018. A huge investment of $10,000 was placed, and the EA used it to carry out numerous trades — 1172. In the end, 60.52% of the short positions and 69.35% of the long ones were lucrative. So, a total net profit of $99,925.64 was recorded. There was a huge drawdown of 30.61%, which meant that the strategy used was high risk. The average profit trade was $248, whereas the average loss trade was -$217.98.

FxStabilizer live trading account review

We have the live trading results for the USDCAD pair on Myfxbook. We are told that the EA is running a real account, which was opened on October 30, 2018, and deposited at $3100. The trades completed (480) have led to a profit of $22329.28. The drawdown is 20.93%, while the monthly profit is 5.96%. Therefore, it means that the risk reward ratio is 3.5:1 and unhealthy.

The system has been trading with lot sizes of 0.10 and placing a grid of orders. We have unimpressive win rates for long (67%) and short positions (60%) and a profit factor of 2.29. The huge difference between the average win (48.29 pips) and the average loss (-74.53 pips) shows us how risky the strategy used is.

FxStabilizer’s live trading results

FxStabilizer’s live trading results


The vendor of FxStabilizer is charging exorbitant prices for it. You will be required to pay $739 for the Pro version. It works on 8 currency pairs and includes an additional license of the unlocked version of the EA. The ultimate version is $539, and it supports 6 main currency pairs. Both packages feature 1 unlimited license for the MT4/5 account, detailed user manuals, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The EA’s pricing details

The EA’s pricing details

Is FxStabilizer robot a scam?

Yes, it is. The devs promote the EA as a very profitable and safe tool. Our findings proved the contrary. You have seen from the trading results that the software has poor win rates and uses a risky trading style that can lead to a margin call.

User reviews

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

We found several customer reviews for this tool on FPA. A look at the customer reviews reveals that the EA can wipe out accounts. Moreover, there are concerns that the software is detected by windows as malware and the vendor is unwilling to honor the refund policy.



FxStabilizer is essentially a scam because it cannot deliver on its promises. The robot is advertised as a lucrative trading option mainly to entice you to purchase it. The devs also fail to tell you that a deadly approach is in place to blind you into trusting the EA. It is only after purchasing it that you will realize that the product earns peanuts and could potentially crash your account.

  • Live trading results are present
  • Customer support is offered
  • Expensive
  • The grid approach is used
  • Poor win rates
  • Anonymous vendor

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