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Fly Higher Nova Review: A Scam Trading System

Fly Higher Nova

Fly Higher Nova is described as a powerful trading software that has assisted over 5,000 users to trade successfully in the Forex market. As per vendor claims, the average minimum weekly returns is 20% or more. However, we are skeptical about these claims because the vendor has failed to provide evidence to back them up.

Fly Higher Nova (Pvt) Ltd is the company behind this EA. We believe it is situated in Sri Lanka based on the address provided on the official website. The company also has a Telegram channel run by an individual named Shehan. It is possible that he is the one who developed this bot. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about the vendor. The lack of vendor transparency should always raise a trader’s suspicion about their reliability.

Fly Higher Nova Strategies and Tests

Fly Higher Nova places trades automatically on the trader’s account. It can run inside your Forex terminal and it is possible to attach it to your preferred currency pair. Therefore, if interested in the robot, you are advised to sign up and share your interests. The vendor will then send you information plus a payment link to purchase. Once you buy the software, you will receive the manual and the video tutorial together with the bot.

The developers claim that the EA follows the trend in trading. However, they have not made any effort to explain the trading strategy further. So, we are left to wonder the kind of technical indicators it tracks or depends on to trade effectively for the user. Furthermore, an unclear trading strategy is enough to make seasoned traders become disinterested in a particular Forex robot.

Fly Higher Nova has the following features:

  • Trades on multiple currency pairs
  • Is fully automated
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to set up
  • Installation and mobile support are provided
  • It decides the lot size according to the trader’s capital or utilizes the fixed lot size of their choice
  • Has a trailing SL and TP mechanism

Backtest results for this system are lacking. This is unfortunate bearing in mind that this data is vital in establishing the effectiveness of an EA’s trading approach in the long run. With this data, it is possible to ascertain if the strategy has a predictive value or not prior to applying it to the live market.

Fly Higher Nova Live Trading Account Review

We do not have any live trading results to review. The vendor has not furnished us with these statistics. We find this fishy. If they were confident about the robot’s performance, then they would have no problem providing us with this data to verify their assertions. Since it is lacking, we are forced to doubt their words.


Fly Higher Nova has 2 payment options. The yearly package is offered at $320 while the lifetime plan is priced at $500. Both options come with free updates, 24/7 customer support, a manual and a video tutorial.

Fly Higher Nova Pricing

You can be refunded in case you are dissatisfied with the services of this EA. However, you will have to fulfill certain requirements to get your money back. The vendor states that you must forward a request for a refund within 24 hours the software was made available to you for download. This kind of policy is ill-informed. Traders need more time to determine if a trading robot is effective or not. A day is thus too short to make such an assessment.

The refund policy

Compared to the average price in the market, Fly Higher Nova is more expensive. The strict refund policy further makes this robot unattractive and hence not worth your investment.

Is Fly Higher Nova a Scam?

Forex robots are getting a lot of hype recently and Forex robot scams follow closely behind. Our analysis has led us to discover that Fly Higher Nova is one of the many scams around.

It promises tremendous profits but has no proven track record. It lulls the trader into a false sense of security only to end up with nothing to write home about.

Customer Reviews

The Fly Higher Nova team boasts of having a wide base of happy customers. In this regard, they have provided us with snapshots of customer feedback on their Telegram group. One client praises the robot for generating profits while the other says it works perfectly.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

However, we cannot rely on these testimonials. They may not be genuine. Customer feedback from reputable sites like Forex Peace Army, Trustpilot, and Quora may have been more believable.

Fly Higher Nova


We have concluded that Fly Higher Nova is not worth your time and money because it is a huge scam. There are no trading and backtest statistics that we can analyze to gauge how it performs. It is also not wise to invest in a product sold by a vendor who keeps their background info secret. The unreliable user reviews makes it harder for us to know if customers really like the bot or not.

  • Customer support is provided
  • Live trading results and backtest data are missing
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Available customer feedback is unreliable
  • Trading strategy is vague

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