Euro Area, EU House Price Hikes Hit Historic Highs


House prices in both the euro area and the European Union grew further in the third quarter of 2021, marking the fastest growth in over ten years.

Source: Eurostat

EZU is up 0.06%, while IEV is up 0.33% premarket.

House prices in the euro area rose by 8.8%, the highest annual growth recorded in since data collection in 2005. This is 3.3% higher when compared with the second quarter when prices climbed by 6.8%.

Prices in the European Union climbed by 9.2%, reflecting the fastest growth since the second quarter of 2007. This follows the 7.4% growth the previous quarter when prices increased by 3.1%.

All member states of the EU with available data indicated annual increases, with half reporting growth faster than 10%. The biggest increases were seen in Czechia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Netherlands, while the steepest declines were registered in Cyprus, Italy, and Spain.

The biggest quarterly increases were in Czechia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Ireland.


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