Euro Area Current Account Surplus Rises by €2 Billion in September

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The current account surplus in the euro area was at 19 billion euros in September, an increase from 17 billion euros posted the previous month.

Source: European Central Bank

 Euro Area Current Account Balance

DAX is down -0.16%, EURUSD is down -0.60%.

Goods surplus was recorded at 16 billion euros, while services surplus was 10 billion euros. The primary income surplus was 7 billion euros, but the secondary income was at a deficit of $15 billion euros.

In the 12 months to September, the current account surplus was 320 billion euros, up 1.5% from the prior year.

In the financial account, residents in the euro area had net acquisitions of non-euro area portfolios of 969 billion euros in the 12 months to September. Non-residents’ net acquisitions of euro area portfolios were 91 billion euros.

Eurosystem’s reserve assets stock fell to 1,002.4 billion euros in September, from 1,009.4 billion euros the previous month.


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