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Dynamic Pro Scalper Review: An Incompetent EA

Dynamic Pro Scalper

Dynamic Pro Scalper is a completely automated trading system created to work on the MT4 terminal. It is compatible with all types of MT4 brokers and has dynamic volatility entry and exit levels. The vendor has incorporated many new additional features, mainly aimed at improving its efficiency. Check our review to see if the new additions are worthwhile.

The team behind Dynamic Pro Scalper comprises both Forex traders and developers. The vendor tells us that some of the members have been trading for 12 years already. Nonetheless, there is no evidence to prove this claim. It’s also difficult to trust faceless individuals whose whereabouts are not even known.

Dynamic Pro Scalper strategies and tests

The features of this Forex robot are indicated below:

  • The system provides high slippage protection.
  • The recommended deposit is $100-$500.
  • The robot trades with 9 different currency pairs.
  • E-mail and mobile push notifications are available.
  • The EA has a money management system.
  • It is fully customizable and is equipped with an automated GMT detection system.
  • The system is extremely easy to use, comprehend, and set up.
  • The robot has a high recovery factor.

Dynamic Pro Scalper scours for small profitable opportunities during the Asian session. The devs assure us that the robot is able to successfully fight off brokers who offer high spreads and bad conditions. Therefore, it is able to close trades with profits. The EA can also be configured and adapted to different scenarios, which can allow it to work as: simple grid, grid & martingale, and recovery system. But we wouldn’t advise you to activate the first two approaches because they can really mess up your account.

Backtest results

Backtest results

As per the report, the inner workings of this robot were tested using the EURCAD currency pair on the 15-minute chart. The modeling quality was quite low — 89.98%. The system worked with a deposit of $10000 to conduct 3295 trades. A profitability rate of 77.18% was achieved, meaning that a total net profit of $288032.78 was made. There was a profit factor of 2.55 and a drawdown of 3.96%. Apparently, the EA worked with minimal risks to the balance.

Dynamic Pro Scalper live trading account review

Live trading results

Live trading results

This account has been active since May 2020. It is quite sad that the EA has only managed to augment its value by 30.92% so far. We only have a profit of $1545.88 from a deposit of $5000. It may take the robot several more years of trading before it breaks even. The monthly profit (1.42%) is too low compared to the drawdown (6.95%). This means that the system risks more to gain less.

Trading performance

Trading performance

Up till now, we have 1047 trades implemented, and they have mediocre success rates of 60% for long positions and 66% for short ones. The average trade length is 12 hours and 49 minutes, whereas the profit factor is 1.93. The best trade reported a profit of $64.10, while the last one recorded a loss of -$72.47.

Account’s risk of ruin

Account’s risk of ruin

The EA’s trading activities have not threatened the stability of this account yet.

Number of trades completed

Number of trades completed

Monday didn’t have many trading activities, but they increased exponentially on Tuesday and rose gradually to peak on Thursday.

History of trading

History of trading

We see some elements of the grid strategy and scalping, with orders being opened and closed within minutes and a few hours and even a day. The resulting profits are painfully small. TP and SL levels remain hidden. They are probably unfavorable.


Dynamic Pro Scalper is being sold at a very cheap price of $44. This license will enable you to trade on 1 real and 2 demo accounts. A free option is available for traders who would want to test the robot on demo accounts for a month before you decide to invest real money. Lifetime updates and a 60-day refund policy are integrated in the current package.

Dynamic Pro Scalper’s price

Dynamic Pro Scalper’s price

Is Dynamic Pro Scalper robot a scam?

This EA seems like a legit product, but the main problem is its inability to produce gainful outcomes for the user. The vendor is not even confident enough to use it to trade a real account.

User reviews

We don’t know what customers are saying about this product. This is because we could not find any reviews on its official site or other famous platforms like FPA or Trustpilot. It is not recommended to work with a system with zero user reviews.

Dynamic Pro Scalper


Dynamic Pro Scalper is not a reliable system. When you look at the demo account results, it is obvious that the system’s trading efforts are futile most of the time. Since the grid approach has been introduced, trading risks have increased. So, the future of the account is bleak. Stay away from this robot to be safe.

  • Fully automated
  • Very cheap
  • Low profitability rate
  • Higher losing streak
  • Grid is applied

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