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Crypto Apex Legends Metaverse Game: Tips & Tricks to Earn


The recent surge in cryptocurrency and the decentralized world opened a new era where many finances, government, and even gaming projects have found new ways. Now it is time to think of playing games in the Metaverse world where people can meet and play with their friends in the virtual world.

The Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle game where players can create their teams with friends and beat other teams to achieve a target. This game is made on the Metaverse with an opportunity of having a much fun time. But the real question is whether players can earn money playing this game or not. According to recent data, the global gaming market has reached the value of $173.7 billion in 2020, and it is likely to reach $314.4 billion in 2026.

Therefore, if you are an enthusiast about online gaming, it might be the right time to make space for earning money online. There are several ways to earn money online using the Crypto Apex Legends game, which we will discuss elaborately in the following section.

Apex Legends tips and tricks to earn

The game has several superhero characters known as legends, achievable by playing with legends tokens. It is a coin used to purchase stuff in gaming, and you can earn it by leveling up your game or completing any target. However, there is no way to exchange the legends tokens with money.

However, making money with the Apex Legends token is possible, but you need to follow any actions from the below section.


Gaming streams have become a popular way to make money where expert gamers come in front of the people as audiences like traditional football or cricket matches. Streamers use platforms like Twitch or Facebook where they share their screen, and people worldwide can see their playing and gaming performance.

Following Twitch, Facebook has developed the gaming stream service where people can invite their friends to watch the match together and send them exchangeable stars with money. This method has no specialty with the Apex Legends game as it is a universal method applicable to any game. However, gamers can get positive feedback from viewers by showing special moves and actions through financial benefits.

The streaming service has a connection of making money as the streaming platform will run ad on your game and allow you to get a financial benefit. If you want to make money from gaming streaming, you need to ensure that you are an expert in gaming. In addition, your gaming movement and activities should provide fun to viewers. Besides, it would help if you made a fanbase by inviting your friends or friends into your game.

Apex Legends live streaming on Facebook

Apex Legends live streaming on Facebook

Play tournaments

Let’s mention the worldwide eSports tournament where players worldwide join the battle to win a handsome amount of money as a prize. Since 2020, the eSport tournament for the Apex Legends game has become popular where a single match announced prize money of $3 million.

Players should join the tournament after passing some regional qualification. Later on, all regional winners come together and join the international battle. If you think of yourself as a good Apex Legends player, you can quickly join such tournaments and make money. However, when you consider playing games as more than a time passing source, you should be an expert in this area. Players can achieve expertise by playing games and understanding tricks with the game.

Apex Legends tournament

Apex Legends tournament


When players join events like eSport tournaments or start a streaming service, they should have deep knowledge about the game and should be able to perform exceptional moves. People will not watch your game streaming unless you show any engaging activities. In that case, before starting any streaming service, you should learn that expertise from a coach.

Apex Legends coaches are those persons who are experts in special moves and formation. Therefore, they can teach their skills and tricks to other people through any platform like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. You can easily make money by opening a YouTube channel to teach people how to play Apex Legends and how to pass sessions, etc.

Apex Legends video on YouTube

Apex Legends video on YouTube


The stopping presence of the Apex Legends game in eSport opened an era of sports betting opportunities. Due to its popularity and presence in many tournaments, several online bookies offer betting on this game.

The basic idea of betting is to invest some money in a player or invest in some skills. Once your prediction is correct, you will earn money at a predetermined rate. On the other hand, if your prediction goes wrong, you will make a loss. Therefore, you should closely monitor players’ movement and skills before investing money in the projection in betting. Consequently, it risks losing money, so people should follow a risk management system in any betting.


This section is for you if you have a streaming service with a strong fanbase. It is pure advertising while the streaming will run. For example, if you stream a game where viewers are 10K to 20K, any ad with a box on the streaming screen will be spread among the 10k-20k people. More importantly, any gaming-related ads have a higher success rate as all people watching the game are interested in gaming.

You can get paid from the ad on your screen, but you have to make sure that the ad is relevant to your game. The earning ratio from this source depends on your fanbase and the quality of the products.

Final thought

Many people think that Apex Legends is a crypto-based game and its tokens are exchangeable in the crypto platform, which is incorrect. As of now, there is no way to buy or exchange the Legend token as it is only achievable after completing some tasks in the game.


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