BIS Cautions DeFi Is an Illusion and Poses Global Financial Stability Risks

DeFi in the soap bubbles

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) stated on Monday there is a need for systematic regulation to oversee banking activity as DeFi poses stability risks.

Source: Business Insider

The DeFi market for peer-to-peer blockchain-based financial activities rose past the $100 billion mark in valuation this year.

It most recently carried a $143 billion market capitalization in the larger $2.4 trillion crypto market. Stablecoins are a popular vehicle in promoting DeFi projects such as crypto lending and borrowing sites.

In a quarterly review on Monday, the central bank forum stated that DeFi supporters emphasize its potential efficiency gains, including minimizing high costs.

The central bank forum further stated that the gains of DeFi are challenging to detect because the system primarily operates independently, without providing intermediation services to the real economy.

DeFi has the potential to complement traditional financial activities. But today, BIS noted it has few real-economy uses and only supports speculation and arbitrage across numerous crypto assets.


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