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Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Review: A High-Risk Trading Software

Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) is a Forex automated system that claims to offer consistent and highest profits in the Forex market with minimal risk. It uses two popular grid and scalping trading techniques, which you can customize as per your requirements and preferences.

In the scalping strategy, the trader purchases a pair and holds on to it for a while to earn profits. In the grid strategy, profits are made from both flat and trending markets by placing alternate buy and sell orders and hedging. The vendor asserts that the expert advisor can produce profits in stable as well as volatile markets.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) strategies and tests

There are three different live trading accounts on the official site of Aeron (Scalper+Grid). All of these three accounts are FX Blue verified. You can also see the software’s description and the trading strategies it uses in the form of questions and answers.

There is also an explanation about how to install the software and its price details. However, there is no information about the developer of this Forex robot, including the company’s background, location, experience, and when it was established.

Moreover, there are no details about the trading process and approach used. There is only the mention of the type of trading strategy used. All this information is crucial since it makes us trust the vendor and its product so that we can invest in it without any worries. The lack of vendor transparency makes us doubt this system.

Plus, the robot trades in five currency pairs and is easy to install and set up. When it comes to customer support, there is an email address and online contact form. There are no backtest reports provided.

Some of the key features of Aeron (Scalper+Grid) encompass:

  • This is a frequency traded robot.
  • The system uses a scalping strategy, along with grid and hedge trading approaches.
  • It sets Stop Loss and Take Profit with all positions.
  • There is the equity risk management option, which allows you to choose the equity percent you want to risk.
  • The system can open trades when the spreads are less than five pips.
  • Being an automatic EA, it automatically adjusts the lot size as per the balance or equity.
  • The system works on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • It uses a Minute-1 timeframe, which is MT4’s lowest time frame.
  • You need to make sure that your internet and PC are on 24 hours and 5 days a week since it employs the sensitive scalping technique, which makes every minute significant.
  • The most recommended currency pairs to earn high profits from this software include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/CAD, and CAD/JPY.
  • You can use it on the VPS as well as the PC terminal.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Live Trading Account Review

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) growth chart

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) growth chart

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) has a real USD account that was made on 5th January 2021. It is running for 137 days as of now. This is a relatively new account with a deposit of $2000, which has now augmented to an absolute balance of $12570.64. The average monthly return is +19.1% with a maximum drawdown of -11.8%.

Trading results info of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Trading results info of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

It has a +128.0% total return with an average win rate of 59.47% and a profit factor of 1.25. The account has an average trade frequency of 2.0 trades per day and an average trade length of 29.1 hours. It has 3.56 as the risk/reward ratio. The average win is +$59.47 and the average loss is -$157.92. It trades in the EUR/USD currency pair during European trading hours.


Pricing of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Pricing of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

You can access the Aeron (Scalper+Grid) EA at $230 for both demo as well as live accounts. This price is for the following two days or the initial 50 copies, whichever of these comes first. However, we do not know the number of accounts we get at this price. After this, you have to pay $349. You will get regular updates free of cost for this MT4 system. As compared to other Forex robots, this system is quite costly. Furthermore, there is no refund policy offered.

Is Aeron (Scalper+Grid) robot a scam?

We cannot trust Aeron (Scalper+Grid) as it has a short trading history and there are no details about the developer of this software. Moreover, many users claim that this is a scam. There are no backtesting results as well and it is offered at a high price.

Negative customer reviews of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Negative customer reviews of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) has received 11 reviews with a rating of 2.026 on the Forex Peace Army website. Customers say that the software wasn’t lucrative for them. Further, the negative testimonials also talk about the recommended broker houses.

Other notes

List of recommended brokers on the official Aeron (Scalper+Grid) site

List of recommended brokers on the official Aeron (Scalper+Grid) site

The trading system provides a list of recommended brokers on its official site with a referral registration link.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid)


Aeron (Scalper+Grid) has a poor presentation on its website with no information about its developers, location, settings, backtesting results, and money management. It does not deliver the performance it claims with stable profits. The lack of vendor transparency and less information on the strategy used makes it hard for us to trust this Forex robot. Customers have given it negative reviews on Forexpeacearmy. Plus, there is no money-back guarantee. Thus, we do not recommend this Forex robot to traders.

  • Fully automated trading system
  • Verified live trading results on FX Blue
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Short trading history
  • No refund policy
  • Poor customer reviews

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