ADAX Team Lauds DEX as It Goes Live on Cardano With COTI’s Djed Next on Board

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ADAX team expects the launch of the DEX on Cardano to give them unmatched decentralization, overall UX, partnerships, and team talent.

Source: Cryptoglobe

ADAUSD is down -1.29%

ADAX team gave a status report of the DEX launch, saying that smart contract is now tested and completed, while only algorithm improvement was remaining for UI matching.

The team said the aggregation/querying service is finished while the PAB/JS wallet integration is in progress.

The team asked users to be patient with the Cardano network, which was experiencing congestion, reassuring that they had deployed 90 nodes to reduce delays.

The news was later followed by an announcement that ADAX and COTI were partnering to integrate Djed, Cardano’s algorithmic stablecoin, into the DEX and the EX platforms.

The integration of the stablecoin is expected to boost liquidity and increase Djed’s participation in trading assets. COTI, the issuer of the Djed, said the integration will boost the utilization of stablecoin in the crypto ecosystem.


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