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Zeus Review: An Expensive Automated Expert Advisor


Zeus EA assures a monthly return of 5% to 15% with its fully automated approach that uses a proprietary strategy. This MT4 tool claims to be a reliable trading tool with live verified records. Elite Currensea is the company behind this FX EA. Founded in 2014, the firm is renowned as a trading and education provider. Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svrocik are the founders of the company. It offers various software, tools, market research, event management, and industry commentary services. Other products of the company include Athena EA, ecs.Live, Portfolio ECS, and more.

Zeus strategies and tests

As a fully automated trading tool in Forex, this expert advisor has the following features that give it an edge over its competitors:

  • The FX EA works on the EURUSD pair as it has preferred volatility, liquidity, and less risk.
  • As per the vendor, the EA has a live trading record since 2019 with an average monthly profit of 15%.
  • It works rapidly and does complex monitoring ensuring effective performance.
  • A low drawdown of 20% or less is present for the expert advisor making it ideal for investors who are averse to high-risk strategies.
  • A minimum deposit of €2,500 is required to use the FX robot.

The vendor does not divulge the strategy used by the ATS which prevents us from making a proper analysis of the approach. Backtesting details are provided that reveal a low drawdown. Backtesting done on the M5 timeframe from 2018 to 2020 shows a drawdown of 9.14% and another backtest done from 2016 to 2020 reveals a drawdown of 14.36%. However, we are unable to analyze the results due to the lack of a detailed strategy tester report. Without info on the initial deposit, profitability, profit factor, etc. it is not possible to evaluate the performance properly.

Zeus track record review

A real EUR account using the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site is present for the ATS. Here are a couple of screenshots of the trading stats:

Growth curve ofZeus EA on the Myfxbook site

Growth curve ofZeus EA on the Myfxbook site

Trading stats ofZeus EA on the Myfxbook site

Trading stats ofZeus EA on the Myfxbook site

From the above stats, we can see the account has generated a profit of 24.45%. The daily and monthly profits are 0.04% and 1.13% respectively. A drawdown of 71.01% is present. From the growth curve, it is clear that the account has suffered a big drawdown in March 2022. A total of 73,710 trades have been executed with a profitability of 69% and a profit factor of 1.05. The low profits show poor risk management. Further, the balance, equity, profit, lots, etc. are hidden which makes us suspicious of the reliability of the system.


Various packages are present for the FX robot. A rental package (€699) recurring annually, a lifetime package (€999),and a rental sponsored package (€399) recurring annually are the main packages offered. All packages have technical support, onboarding assistance, and VPS. The vendor also offers a managed account with no upfront fees but you need to pay 20 to 30% of the profit as a fee. When compared to the market average, we find the cost of this FX EA is exorbitant. Further, the vendor does not offer a money-back guarantee which makes us doubt the reliability of the product.

Is Zeusa good system to rely on?

From our analysis of the FX EA, here are a few factors we found that influence the reliability of the system:

  • Hidden data in the verified real trading results makes us doubt the reliability of the information
  • High drawdown indicates a risky approach
  • Pricing is exorbitant and does not come with a refund offer

We found 86 reviews for the company on the Forexpeacearmy site with mixed reviews for the products. The overall rating of this expert advisor is 4.499. Here are a few reviews for the Zeus EA found on the site:

User review for Zeus EA on the Forexpeacearmy site

User review for Zeus EA on the Forexpeacearmy site

User review for Zeus EA on the Forexpeacearmy site

User review for Zeus EA on the Forexpeacearmy site

From the feedback, we find that one of the users is happy with the performance of the system. However, another trader complains of losing his entire capital because of the poor strategy and performance of the robot. Some users also complain about their unprofessional customer representatives. This makes us doubt the ethics of this robot. Thus, traders should be careful while using it.

Customer support

For support, the vendor provides a live chat feature, an FAQ section, and a location address.



ZeusEA promises a fully automated system that can generate consistent monthly profits. Our analysis reveals that while the vendor provides verified performance proof, the results have hidden data that make us suspicious of the reliability. Further, the pricing is exorbitant and the vendor does not offer a refund if users are not satisfied with the product.

  • A fully automated software
  • Verified trading results
  • Hidden data in trading results
  • High drawdown
  • Expensive pricing

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