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XXL Real Profit Review: Free Robot Sold by an Unknown Developer

XXL Real Profit

XXL Real Profit is a Forex expert advisor that promises to generate steady profits on a monthly basis. This robot is supported by a verified trading account and according to the developer, it has the capability to help you get huge profits in the Forex market.

There is virtually no information on the parent company behind this robot. We don’t know where it is located or when it was founded. The vendor has not shared any background information on the team members. It is unknown whether this company has manufactured other EAs in the past.

XXL Real Profit strategies and tests

This is an EA that is compatible with standard, mini, micro, and ECN accounts. It monitors the market 24/7 and avoids risky strategies like grid and martingale. The robot has internal indicators that analyze the market, price action, areas of support and resistance, trend line, and other relevant information.

XXL Real Profit is a 100% automated system that is capable of opening and closing orders without any manual intervention. It has a money management system, thanks to which it can adjust the size of the trading lots based on your account balance.

On the official website, the vendor has made a very brief presentation. We don’t have a list of features and it is not clear how exactly the robot functions. There is no proper explanation provided for the trading strategy. We don’t know which indicators this system uses or how exactly it identifies profitable trading opportunities.

The currency pairs supported by this system include AUD/USD, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. We don’t have the backtesting results for this robot. It seems the vendor has not tested the automated strategy with historical data. These tests are conducted for periods spanning several years. As such, we don’t know whether the EA is capable of generating profits in different market scenarios.

XXL Real Profit live trading account review

Growth chart of XXL Real Profit on FXBlue

Growth chart of XXL Real Profit on FXBlue

Here we have a live trading account on FXBlue that has a history of 79 days. To date, the EA has conducted 98 trades through this account, winning 69 and losing 28. Thus, it currently has a satisfactory win rate of 71.1%. The profit factor of this account is pretty decent at 1.27.

At this moment, the total profit generated through this account is $101.77. The account has experienced a net growth of 12.2%, with the daily, weekly, and monthly returns being 0.22%, 1.12%, and 4.80%, respectively. Looking at the risk/reward ratio of 1.30, we can tell that the EA trades with a fair bit of risk.

Trading results of XXL Real Profit on FXBlue

Trading results of XXL Real Profit on FXBlue

Here we have the recent trades conducted through this account. WE can see that the robot has a history of suffering heavy losses. It trades quite frequently, opening an average of 1.3 trades daily. The average length for each trade is 13.9 hours. This account has an average win and loss of 7.01 and -13.64, respectively.


Currently, the vendor is offering the robot for free. There are no hidden costs, so you can simply purchase the robot, download it, and start trading.

Is XXL Real Profit a good system to rely on?

This is a system that suffers from a lack of transparency. We don’t know much about the dev team and there is no physical address. The vendor has not shared the backtesting results and the live trading account has a very short history. Also, there aren’t enough details about the trading strategy used by this expert advisor.

User review for XXL Real Profit on Forex Peace Army

User review for XXL Real Profit on Forex Peace Army

On Forex Peace Army, there is only a single review for this EA. Here, the user claims that it is a scam service and that they lost all their funds while using it. They have also claimed that the support team does not reply to the customer’s emails.

Customer support

The vendor has shared an official email address where you drop a mail, should you require assistance. The website doesn’t have a live chat feature and the response time is unknown.

XXL Real Profit


XXL Real Profit is an automated trading system backed by verified statistics that has managed to maintain a healthy win rate so far. However, there is not enough information about how the system analyzes the market. We don't have the historical test results, and as such, we cannot determine whether it is a viable option for the long term.

  • Verified statistics
  • Free robot
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Lack of strategy insight
  • No backtesting results

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