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Vader Forex Robot Review: Affordable EA Without Verified Trading Results

Vader Forex Robot

Vader Forex Robot claims to have earned a total profit of $159,785 for the last 30 days. The vendor is currently offering this EA at a discounted price. It is a 100% automated trading system that can be used in combination with other systems.

The parent company behind this robot is known as Forex Robot Trader. It was started by Don Steinitz, who is an ex-gambler based in Las Vegas. He has spent 12 years studying charts to find a winning trading formula. Don has teamed up with multiple expert MQL programmers, but we don’t have any background information on them. Also, there is no official contact information available. Other robots from this developer includes Odin, Falcor, Ganon, Reaper, HAS, etc.

Vader Forex Robot strategies and tests

This system is capable of handling every aspect of Forex trading from start to finish. It comes with pre-optimized settings for more than 20 years. You don’t need to make any adjustments for the robot to work properly. The installation process is very simple and you can complete it using drag and drop functions.

Vader Forex Robot hides its stop loss and take profit levels internally to prevent brokers from stop hunting. It can automatically calculate the lot size based on the account equity. You can use different types of accounts like micro, mini, or standard. With this EA, you can easily monitor charts to find entry points, Fibonacci levels, and trend.

Using daily Fibonacci levels, the robot divides your Forex chart into small portions in order to find predictable trades. It trades the price as it moves away from the middle zone and when it returns. While Fibonacci levels are usually used to find support and resistance zones, this robot turns the levels into entry and exit thresholds.

To form a complete Forex strategy, the EA combines Fibonacci thresholds with trend shifts. The robot also uses automatic take profit and stop loss using a distance algorithm based on momentum and thresholds.

It is a common practice for EA vendors to test their strategies using historical data. Since the tests are conducted using several years’ worth of data, you can get an idea about the long-term performance. Unfortunately, there are no backtesting results currently available for this expert advisor.

Vader Forex Robot live trading account review

Growth chart of Vader Forex Robot on the official website

Growth chart of Vader Forex Robot on the official website

The vendor has not shared the verified trading statistics for this expert advisor. Without them, it is difficult for us to assess the profitability of the system. On the official website, we have the monthly trading results. For the month of May, the EA has conducted 123 trades, winning 90.24% of them and generating a total profit of $19,263.30.

Trading results of Vader Forex Robot on the official website

Trading results of Vader Forex Robot on the official website

Here, you can see the recent trading history presented in tabular format. The information shared include the trade open time, trade type, lot size, price, stop loss, take profit, close time, commissions, taxes, swap, and profit. We can see that the robot trades with a fixed lot size of 1.00. It conducts multiple trades on a daily basis.


The real price of this EA is $199, but the vendor is currently offering it for $79 only. This makes Vader Forex Robot one of the most affordable EAs on the market. Unfortunately, the vendor does not offer refunds for this system. This means you won’t get any of your money back even if the robot fails to generate returns.

Is Vader Forex Robot a good system to rely on?

Without verified trading results, we don’t know whether EA can generate profits in the live market. There is no way to verify the profit figures shared by the vendor. We don’t know much about the parent company either.

User reviews for Forex Robot Trader on Trustpilot

User reviews for Forex Robot Trader on Trustpilot

There are no reviews for this robot, but the parent company has a poor rating of 2.5/5 based on 13 reviews on Trustpilot. Users claim to have suffered heavy losses with the EAs.

Customer support

The only way to contact support is to launch a request through the website, describing your issue.

Vader Forex Robot


Vader Forex Robot has no verified track record of making live profits. The parent company has received poor ratings on third-party websites and there is not enough information on the developers. Also, the vendor does not have a refund policy in place.

  • Affordable price
  • Can be combined with other robots
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • No verified trading statistics
  • No backtesting data
  • No refund policy

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