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Stenvall Mark III Review: An Expensive FX Robot With Poor Performance

Stenvall Mark III

Stenvall Mark III is an expert advisor that uses a combination of trend and counter-trend strategies. It is a third-generation Stenvall that claims to be useful in long-term private investments or managed accounts.

Gennady Sergienko is the developer of this FX EA. He is from Russia and has more than five years of experience in the field. He has developed 7 products and 7 signals. North Star, Franc Pacific, and Ruxzo are a few of the products he has created.  The first version of this EA was developed in 2016 and it has been on the MQL5 site since 2019.

As per the developer, this FX robot is available 24/5. The developer offers links to his Telegram channel group and GoGoPips site for support. Private messaging via the MQL5 site is also present. There is no location address or phone number for contact.

Stenvall Mark III strategies and tests

Features of Stenvall Mark III EA

Features of Stenvall Mark III EA

According to the developer, this FX EA has recorded profitability of 200% for two years and three months with a drawdown of 8%. This ATS was initially a night scalper but with constant updates and the addition of new functions and trading methods, the trading span has increased, and now it works 24 hours.

The developer claims that the accuracy of the signals has improved to 70% now and that the strategy used is stable and accurate. This MT5 tool works on the EURUSD pair only and uses the M5 timeframe. While the developer does not explain the trading approach in detail, he provides backtesting results on the MQL5 site. Backtests for low and high-risk settings are found on the site. However, the full test report is not revealed with just info on a few details are provided as shown below.

Backtesting report for Stenvall Mark III EA

Backtesting report for Stenvall Mark III EA

As per the backtesting details provided in the screenshot above, the EA has generated a profit of 850% for 6 years. The modeling quality is 100% and the account uses the leverage of 1:100.

Stenvall Mark III track record review

A real JPY account using the Forex Chief broker verified by the myfxbook site is shown here. The account uses automated trading and the leverage of 1:400.

Growth curve showing performance of Stenvall Mark III EA

Growth curve showing performance of Stenvall Mark III EA

Advanced stats of Stenvall Mark III EA

Advanced stats of Stenvall Mark III EA

From the trading stats, we can see the total profit generated for a deposit of ¥11,283.00 is 187.64%. A daily and monthly profit of 0.12% and 3.64% are present while the drawdown is 15.28%. For the account started in April 2019, the total number of trades is 476 with a profitability of 67% and a profit factor of 1.88.

The information on the lot size and number of lots used is hidden which raises a red flag for this EA. While the profits look decent, the overall profitability is low and the drawdown is also higher than what the developer assures. We suspect a risky approach is a reason for the low profitability and hidden data.


Pricing of Stenvall Mark III EA

Pricing of Stenvall Mark III EA

This FX EA costs $980. A rental package is present which costs $399 for a year. The developer offers a free demo account. When compared to other similar trend-based EAs in the market, we find the price of this product is exorbitant. Furthermore, there is no money-back guarantee which makes us suspicious of the reliability of this product.

Is Stenvall Mark III robot a scam?

After analyzing the features, backtests, real trading info, and other aspects of this FX EA, we find it is not a trustworthy EA. While the developer mentions the strategy used, there is no explanation of the approach.

Further, the strategy tester report is not revealed fully. From the verified real trading results, the hidden info on the lots used, low profitability, and a high drawdown reveals that EA does not use an effective approach. Furthermore, it is an overpriced product with no refund guarantee.

We found 16 user reviews for this FX EA on the MQL5 site. Here are a few of the user testimonials:

User complaining of more losses with the EA

User complaining of more losses with the EA

User complaining of continuous losses with Stenwall Mark III

User complaining of continuous losses with Stenwall Mark III

From the feedback, we can see that the EA is generating more losses than profits. Users complain of the continuous losses and recommend not to use the FX robot.

Stenvall Mark III


Stenvall Mark III assures high profitability and a low drawdown. Our analysis of the FX robot reveals the claims are false. The verified trading results show low profitability and high drawdown. Further, the hidden data raises a red flag. We are also not happy about the expensive price tag which does not come with a money-back guarantee. On the whole, this is not a trustworthy system we would recommend.

  • Fully automated software
  • Verified trading results
  • No explanation of the trading approach
  • Live results show hidden data and low profitability
  • Sky-high price

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