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Signal Factory Review: Signal Service Without Verified Trading Results

Signal Factory

Signal Factory is a signal company that has a short presentation that includes information about the company in general but lacks the information about strategies, settings, risks, drawdowns, and many other details. We couldn’t find relevant trading results that would help us to be sure that the signals are profitable and that orders don’t sit in deep drawdowns. The company was registered in 2009, according to the data published on the site.

Signal Factory strategies and tests

The site includes not so much intel that we could unite in the list for you.

  • According to the developers, the signals are the best and they are the most profitable.
  • “Signal Factory provides a bridge between professional Forex traders and retail traders that are looking for real time advice.”
  • We can get these signals automatically on our terminal.
  • The master account works under real market conditions.
  • We have a 45,000 traders community, according to the devs’ claims.
  • We may be sure that the system doesn’t use Martingale orders.
  • Signals are received from various sources to provide the best services.
  • Risk setting can be changed to fit our trading style and the risks we can bear.
  • We may use our account instead of registering a referral account.
  • There are no hidden commissions.
  • The service doesn’t work with any broker house.

We tried but we couldn’t find backtest reports from that trading system. It’s a con because we can’t be sure what we have to be ready for. We do not know for sure that the system was well-tested before release and what trading results it had in the past.

Signal Factory trading account review

The presentation also isn’t featured by trading results. It’s the most common way to show a master account verified by the Myfxbook or Fxblue site. Usually, that data allows us to understand how the system works, its drawdowns, win rates, profit and recovery factors, and much more.


Signal Factory pricing details

Signal Factory pricing details

We’ve got various packages on the board to choose from. The Telegram News Package is available for $49.99 monthly. The Algobot Gold Trade Copier pack costs $199.99 a month. The Algobot signals package can be purchased for $99.99/month. The Algobot Trade Copier costs $199.99 monthly. So, there’s the Algobot advisor, but the devs hide it. We have no refunds, so all sales are final.

Is Signal Factory a good system to rely on?

We don’t know for sure. People’s reviews have shown the service quality is poor. Traders warn us that trading with Signal Factory is dangerous and claim that investing in this FX service is risky and can easily blow any trading account.

People feedback

A page of Signal Factory on FPA

A page of Signal Factory on FPA

Signal Factory created a profile on FPA where people post negative testimonials about it. We have negative experiences mentioned.

People testimonials

People testimonials

People blamed the service for not being relevant. The last comment mentioned a loss of 20k.

Signal Factory


Signal Factory is a company that provides signal services based on the Algobot trading solution. We haven’t seen trading results from it that would convince us that the system is stable and trading results are safe to follow. Testimonials mentioned that the system is dangerous and not stable.

  • Various pricing packages provided
  • No team revealed
  • No risk advice given
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No backtest reports shared
  • No trading results revealed
  • Several negative comments written
  • No money-back guarantee provided

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