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Pips Alert Review: A Pricey Service That Assures High Profitability

Pips Alert

Pips Alert is a signal service that promises better results and reduced risk. The company comprises a community/family of expert trade analysts that ensure robust growth. Besides the alerts, the firm also offers a training course to help maximize returns. As per the info on the About Us section, the firm was founded by two professional traders. Initially based in the US and the UK, the company has now expanded to Canada, Tokyo, and other global regions. The vendor claims that a profit of 80000 pips has been generated in 2021. This service is present in 43 countries and has 3200 members and 923 students enrolled in the courses conducted by the company.

Pips Alert strategies and tests

Features of Pips Alert

Features of Pips Alert

Some of the significant features of this service that the vendor claims make it competitive are:

  • The alerts are created by traders with vast experience in Forex and have undergone rigorous assessment before being certified for signal generation.
  • An average of more than 4.500 pips are sent in the alerts during the NYC and London sessions for best trading results.
  • The company is focused on long-term profits and reinvests in traders, tools, and other aspects to help users reach the long-term objectives.
  • Affordable pricing packages are present to ensure all traders are benefited from the service.
  • The alerts are sent in the standard format without any complicated terminology or design.
  • This service supports commodities like gold and currency pairs including EURUSD.

The working method is very simple. You need to enroll in the services offered by the company and set up the software on your smartphone or a computer. You will start getting signals which you can use to trade effectively.The alerts are sent via email or SMS alerts and notifications on your browser or desktop. No dedicated app is present for the alert system. As part of the course offered, users can learn about using signals effectively on the different platforms and how to manage their accounts.

Pips Alert live trading account review

Performance proof of Pips Alert

Performance proof of Pips Alert

For performance proof, the vendor provides a separate section that includes the total pips gained and verified backtested trades. However, the page does not load properly so there is no info present on the performance. The lack of data raises a red flag for the company.


Pricing packages of Pips Alert

Pricing packages of Pips Alert

To use this service, you can choose from the two available packages. One is the Venture X plan that costs $59.95 per month. As per the vendor, it is a top-performing package with quick and long-term trades. Features include 1.5 to 3.5k pips per month and 15 to 20 signals per week. The second plan is named Investor X and costs $59.99 per month. It has the same features as the former pack with an additional feature of a potential profit of 1500 to 3000 pips every month. When compared to the average market price for such services, we find the pricing is expensive. The vendor provides a refund period of 14 days if you are not happy with the results.

Is Pips Alerta a good system to rely on?

From our evaluation of the company, we have found the following advantages and disadvantages that influence your buying decision. They include:

  • The features offered are beneficial including the training course
  • No verified proof of performance is present
  • There is a lack of vendor transparency
  • The pricing plans are expensive

We found 15 reviews on the FPA site for this company with a rating of 4.145/5. Here are a few of the user feedback:

User review for Pips Alert

User review for Pips Alert

Negative user review for Pips Alert

Negative user review for Pips Alert

From the above testimonials, we can see that the service has attracted positive and negative reviews. The positive review commends the service offered and the courses. In the negative feedback, the user complains that the profit and loss management of the service is very poor.

Customer support

For assistance, the vendor offers an FAQ section, a support ticket, and an online contact form. There is no live chat feature or phone number that helps in receiving an immediate response.

Pips Alert


Pips Alert claims to provide maximum returns with its alerts and trading courses. While the features and functionality are properly explained, the vendor does not meet the criteria in other important aspects. The lack of verified trading results and backtesting reports prevents us from making a proper evaluation. The inadequate support and expensive pricing plans are other downsides we found in this service.

  • Training courses offered
  • Refund offer
  • No verified trading results
  • Absence of strategy explanation
  • Price is expensive

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