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MFWU Review: An Absolute Scam Service That Must Be Avoided

MFWU Service

Managed Forex With Us is a company that focuses on MAM and PAMM financial services. The presentation looks like a pure scam. There is endless wording of how great their service is and how we should be happy because of being here. The presentation starts with wording that doesn’t connect with trading results in any way. There’s a fact that warned us the most: the developers did their best to skip talking about the strategies which are executed on the traders’ accounts. They don’t trust us fully. So, we can’t be prepared for what orders we will receive. It’s important because we must have a proper level of margin to support orders on the market, especially if there are Grid and Martingale strategies.

MFWU Strategies and Tests

MFWU information

MFWU information

All available information was grouped up on the six blocks for the best usage:

  • The main services are PAMM and MAM.
  • They set a goal to improve the robots they use and the service they provide.
  • The company has a team of traders and analysts with trading results behind the service.
  • The developers may force us to create an account on a broker they want using a referral link.
  • Other companies allow using signals for free from one month to one year.
  • We have to provide our login and password.
  • The copy trading software allows us to copy the signals from several accounts at once.
  • This action can allow us to diversify risks.
  • If the system starts receding bad signals from two accounts at once, it won’t diversify anything.
  • This is all. There’s not much intel shared. We don’t even know if we can rely on updates and upgrades.

The presentation has no mentions about if the strategies were backtested well before they have become real advisors from which we receive signals. It’s just another con that forms a vision that this service is a scam that we can trust fully.

MFWU Live Trading Account Review

MFWU Trading Account
MFWU Trading Account

MFWU Trading Account

MFWU Trading Account

There are four links to systems of each trader of MFWU where one of them (Combo) was stopped. It’s noticeable that growth lines aren’t smooth. So, it means there was a Martingale strategy applied. So, all these risky deals without our permission will be executed on our account.

We don’t know why the devs don’t share verified trading results published on Myfxbook, Fxstat, MQL5, and FxBlue platforms. It’s quite a common move to attract more people and convince more potential clients that the service is good to go. At the same time, we could check absolute growth, leverage, drawdowns, win rate, trade length, profit factor, and other must-have info.


  • Signals for every account cost $50 monthly.
  • We have no money-back guarantee applied.

Is MFWU a Scam?

owner and traders profiles

owner and traders profiles

We have an owner and four traders on the board. All their profiles are enchanted by a cooperative email. The company decided not to show their MQL5, Facebook, or any other profiles. So, we can’t be sure they exist, and they are not fake.

People Feedback

MFWU Performance Test

MFWU has a page Forex Peace Army. There are two reviews without a final rate. We may note many accounts that were stopped with no reason where two of them were lost.

MFWU user reviews

We can be sure that this faceless feedback is from real clients.


Pros Cons
The owner has introduced photos and emails of the MFWU programmers and traders No settings explanations provided
No money-management advice given
No risk advice provided
No backtest reports published
No verified trading results shared
No refund policy provided
No real feedback shared


MFWU Review


MFWU is a weird money-management company. The presentation is complete nonsense. We have no information about the service provided. The developers skipped a great opportunity to show their account, proving their success with verified trading results like other services do.


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