Job Posting Hints That Nexus for Tesla Robot Production Is Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Bot. The humanoid robot . Washington DC, CNN Business, Aug 19, 2021

Tesla Inc is adding extra job postings related to building its humanoid robot: Tesla Bot.

Source: electrek

TSLA up +0.46%

The recent job postings hint at production in Austin, Texas. Tesla’s mobile robotics manager is one of the recent job postings, who will be in charge of Tesla Bot.

After Elon Musk revealed plans for Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence focused on completing general boring tasks, it seemed like one of his jokes.

The Tesla Bot is a real project, and Tesla has already started hiring for it with four new job ads related to the project the previous week.

All of the new positions are situated in Palo Alto, where there is the headquarters of Tesla, apart from one job based in Austin.

Notably, the job, “Test Engineer-Tesla Bot,” is the only one that mentions production, and it is based in Austin. While not an official confirmation, it hints at Tesla planning the production of Tesla Bot in Austin.


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