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HodlBot Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?


HodlBot is an automated crypto trading bot that users can customize to their specific needs. Indexing the market, creating custom portfolios, and automatic rebalancing of portfolios are some of the key features of this platform. As per the vendor, you can increase your portfolio similar to the advanced global investors with the help of the automated bot. The vendor offers a free 7-day trial with the paid subscription beginning at $3 per month.

About HodlBot

The crypto bot simplified the trading process by enabling you to manage your crypto assets without direct connection with the exchanges. It provides a platform where you can manage your portfolio from a single interface instead of making individual trades. It can execute trades for you via the exchange API. You can diversify your crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges with the crypto bot.

HodlBot review: key features

Some of the significant features of the platform that make it competitive as per the vendor are:

  • You get access to the HODL indices which helps to efficiently diversify your portfolio, minimizing your risk and boosting profits.
  • Customization feature allows you to view the past performance of any weighting strategy and coin.
  • It provides advanced market metrics to create dynamic portfolios and indices.
  • Your portfolio is automatically rebalanced in response to market shifts.
  • The service allows you to alter the rebalancing frequency, blacklist coins you don’t want to trade and liquidate your holdings at any time.

HodlBot: trading strategy

The bot makes trading a hassle-free experience by enabling portfolio management without directly connecting to the exchanges. Instead of making individual trades, users manage their entire portfolio via the platform. The bot executes trades on autopilot via the exchange API keys. It uses passive investing via HODL indices, active trading, portfolio rebalancing, and utilities for strategy customization.

Security of HodlBot

As per the vendor info, the bot encrypts user data using HMAC SHA-256 encryption and does not have withdrawal permission. It uses trade-only API keys. The vendor recommends disabling trade permissions for your API keys when you are not rebalancing your portfolio.

Is HodlBot safe?

The main function of the bot is to provide the automated trading feature and rebalancing of your crypto portfolio. It does not handle your funds. Your funds are safe in your exchange. Additionally, the vendor uses penetration testing and monitors logs, and shuts down trading if it finds any suspicious activities.

How much does Hodlbot cost?

The pricing is based on the size of your portfolio to enable an affordable service for users with smaller account sizes. For accounts under $500, the pricing is $3 per month, for accounts ranging from $500 to $1,000 the cost is $6 per month, and for accounts of value over $1000 the cost is $14/month. A free trial for the first 14 days is present.

Deposit and withdrawal

Since the platform has only trading permission, it does not involve deposit or withdrawal of funds.

Does HodlBot charge fees and commissions?

No, the platform does not charge fees or commissions for trading.

How much profit can it earn?

The profits you generate depend on the strategy used and the market condition. Further, the vendor does not provide a verified performance report for the bots so we are unable to evaluate the profitability of the system.

Company reputation

Anthony Xie is the founder of the platform. We could not find further info on the company, its background, founding history, location, team member info, etc.

HodlBot reviews

User reviews for Hodlbot on the Trustpilot site

User reviews for Hodlbot on the Trustpilot site

User review for Hodlbot on the Trustpilot site

User review for Hodlbot on the Trustpilot site

We found one user review for the platform on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 3.2/5. From the user review, we find that the support is poor and the product is not working.

Who is HodlBot for?

The rebalancing feature, strategy customization, and HODL indices are ideal for experienced traders who prefer to automate their portfolio management.

HodlBot: supported devices

The vendor does not provide info on the supported devices for the platform.

What exchanges does HodlBot support?

As per the vendor, the platform supports only the most secure and liquid exchanges. Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, and Kraken are the main exchanges that the platform supports.

HodlBot: customer care

For support, the vendor provides an email address, an FAQ section, a blog, and a Telegram channel link.

HodlBot Crypto Bot


HodlBot offers various benefits such as automatic diversification of crypto portfolios, HODL indices for profitable trading, and personalization of crypto index funds. However, there are some downsides including the lack of company info and the absence of a verified performance proof that you need to consider before you invest in the service.

  • Top crypto indices
  • 14-day free trial
  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • No verified track record
  • Not for beginner traders

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