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Golden Million Review: Forex Robot Without Verified Trading Results

Golden Million

Golden Million is an expert advisor that could be found on the MQL5 market. The presentation provides us with information that can help us with understanding if the system fits our expectations.

The dev's profile on MQL5

The dev’s profile on MQL5

Aleksei Bordak from Russia has a 1595 rate on MQL5. His portfolio includes four products that were demo downloaded 887 times. There are also 37 signals connected where only four of them are available to check.

Golden Million strategies and tests

There are just several lines about the system provided. We’ve analyzed EA’s key features and gathered them in the list below.

  • The system is able to help us with trading automatically, closing and opening orders on a terminal.
  • The advisor allows us to work with crypto, Forex, and other financial markets.
  • The owner claimed that he has over 15 years of trading experience.
  • Another claim is about the account where he has several millions.
  • It’s impossible to trust this blindly.
  • The owner has decided to stop sharing the system in several months.
  • There will be a private club for the robot owners.
  • The system can provide us with stable profits.
  • It works with XAUUSD.
  • The advisor can be deployed on a terminal within several minutes.
  • We can work with acceptable risks.
  • The only time frame to open orders is H1.
  • The account type should be Hedge.
  • The optimal leverage may be higher than 1:100.
Golden Million backtest report

Golden Million backtest report

We have a pretty weird report where the number of symbols was cut out. There’s a history quality of 98% with 40,473 bars. The initial deposit of $1,000 has become $80,720,861 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdown was 16.94%. The profit factor was 2.25. Golden Million traded 1252 orders. The win rate was 92.61% for short and 91.99% for long trading positions.

Golden Million trading account review

The developers decided not to reveal the account where the robot was set to trade. So, it’s impossible to trust everything the owner said before.

The dev’s portfolio on MQL5

The dev’s portfolio on MQL5

We have various accounts connected but there’s no profile where the Golden Million would be set to trade. This looks so suspicious because the system must execute orders somewhere. Without this data we can’t check the real win rate, profitability, and other important information about the system.


Golden Million pricing on MQL5

Golden Million pricing on MQL5

The price decreased from $999 to $900. It’s impossibly high for a robot that doesn’t have proven trading results. The six months rent costs $400 when an annual rent is available for $600. We can download a demo copy of the system to check settings and perform some backtests.

Is Golden Million a good system to rely on?

We don’t think so. The developer didn’t do anything to convince us that we will be safe with this solution, working on the real account.

People feedback

Customer testimonials on MQL5

Customer testimonials on MQL5

Many clients informed us that the robot is dangerous and that they couldn’t manage to be profitable with it.


Golden Million


Golden Million is an expert advisor that has a presentation that lacks strategy and features explanations, good backtest reports, and trading results. The developer avoided telling us about the strategy and settings behind the system. We have no trading results revealed that would convince us that the robot is truly profitable and it’s a good to go advisor.

  • A backtest report provided
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No strategy details given
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No trading results available
  • Many negative testimonials written

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