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Forex Gold Investor Review: A Risky Investment Option

Forex Gold Investor

Forex Gold Investor is an auto trader that mainly focuses on precious metal trading, specifically gold. The vendor describes the robot as a true revolution in gold trading that is capable of optimizing profit opportunities for serious precious metal investors. Furthermore, new Gold traders and veterans can easily use the system. All they have to do is just follow a few fundamental rules.

The official seller of this robot is the FXAutomater Company. It has developed many expert advisors including Omega Trend EA, BF Grid Master EA, News Scope EA Pro, Gold Scalper Pro and many more. FXautomater has a team of professional developers and Forex traders who have more than 15 years experience in the Forex market. However, we do not have any information about the developers’ official names or profiles.

Forex Gold Investor Strategies and Tests

Forex Gold Investor executes trades automatically for the user. If you are interested in getting the product you just have to click on the “buy now” icon, pay, and download it. It will take 5-minutes to install it. The robot will begin making trades for you after depositing a small amount of between $100 and $500. However, the recommended capital is $1,000-$5,000.

When it comes to the trading strategy, the developers say the robot identifies the best times to buy and sell gold and makes a move. Unfortunately, they do not specify the data the system relies on. The vendor also indicates that the EA conducts trades regularly. It particularly trades all through the whole trading period with the goal of optimizing a trader’s profit taking potential.

Lastly, the system applies an entry and exit logic. It enters a position of trading based on time and the best trading scenes like “buy on deep” and “buy on strong” impulse. The robot has exit algorithms that wrap up all trades at the correct time. This way, profits are protected and losses are minimized.

Forex Gold Investor has the following features:

  • Is especially developed for XAUUSD
  • Full MT4 compatibility
  • Intelligent money-management system
  • Drawdown protection system
  • Lifetime updates
  • User manual
  • Unique broker spy module
  • Advanced news filter
  • “Go Long” trading system on the board
  • Precise entry and exit trading algorithms
  • Intraday gold price cycles
  • Easy 5-minute installation
  • Is designed to work on the 15-minute time frame
  • 24/7 customer support

Below is a screenshot of the robot’s backtest report:

Strategy tester report

A look at the backtest report shows that the EA operated between June 2004 and October 2017. During this period it executed 3,716 trades attaining win-rates of 86.94% for shorts and 65.54% for longs. The average loss trade of -$55.21 was slightly higher than the average profit trade of $46.88. This is not good as the risk of making losses is significant.

An initial deposit of $2,000 was placed in the account and a total net profit of $57,205.11 was generated. The profit factor was 1.90. The relative drawdown (27.96%) was big, and highlights the account’s risk of incurring losses.

Forex Gold Investor Live Trading Account Review

Trading Results Chart

As we can see, the trading results are from a real USD account. It was activated on October 19, 2020, and a deposit of $247.04 was put into it. So far, the system has made a profit of $263.62 increasing the balance to $510.66. The gain made is thus 106.71%. Obviously, the profit made is small considering the account has operated for 9 months. The daily and monthly profits currently stand at 0.26% and 8.24%. The drawdown which is 38.17% is huge. It shows that the EA applies a high-risk approach.

Trading Results

The robot has performed 218 trades. The winning rate for long trading positions is 64% and 89% for short ones. The profit factor (1.51) is quite average. A trader cannot expect to get much returns on money invested. The pips are 22,695. The average loss (-659.97 pips) is way higher than the average win (435.88 pips). This is not a good sign as the account risks losing money. The robot has traded with 2.54 lots.

Trading days

The most traded day is Monday with 52 deals made.

High risks

The EA runs the account with high risks to the balance.

Monthly gain

Evidently, the robot makes inconsistent monthly profits. This makes it hard for the trader to know what to expect.

Trading history

It is clear that the system mainly trades with fixed lots and makes small profits. It also applies trailing stop losses and take profits. The SL and TP levels are quite large.


Forex Gold Investor is currently available at $227. This plan features 1 real-money account and demo accounts as well as a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. The cost of the robot is rather expensive compared to the average price in the market.

Forex Gold Investor Pricing

Is Forex Gold Investor Robot a Scam?

There are many robots out there that promise to move heaven and earth for the trader to ensure that they profit from the Forex market. Forex Gold Investor is one such EA. Our thorough review has led us to conclude that this robot is a scam since it is just geared to deceive traders into purchasing it. It does not generate significant returns for the user. In fact, it can easily make losses and even blow the user’s account in the future if it continues using risky trading approaches.

Customer Reviews

There are no user testimonials for this robot. We visited the Forex Peace Army site and discovered that customers have not given their opinions about this EA yet.

Forex Gold Investor


We would not advise traders to invest in this robot. It applies a high-risk trading approach as evidenced by the high drawdown. Therefore, an investor will likely make huge losses should they decide to ignore our advice. It also makes small profits despite the vendor’s promise of the system’s ability to maximize profits for the user. The absence of customer reviews also makes us hesitate to recommend the product. We would have loved to get proof that actual customers can actually use it to replicate the profits we have seen on the myfxbook account.

  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Live Trading results and Backtest data are provided
  • High drawdown
  • No customer feedback
  • Low profitability rate

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