Eclipse (ECP) Price Forecast & Prediction 2022-2025


Eclipse is a token on the BNB chain used as a utility asset. The token price outlook shows that it is facing a bearish market sentiment. The volumes have dropped about 99% in the past year, and the price has equally plunged. Can Eclipse rebound and claim the previous high, or could we see even lower levels? If you are looking for ECP price prediction for 2022-2025, look no further.

Let’s look at the current pricing to see what to expect from the future price changes.

What is Eclipse?

It is a utility token that powers the Eclipse platforms. The digital asset is used in paying for additional Eclipse protocol features, advertising, and boosting the ecosystem. The token is also used to incentivize users to transact on the platform. It is secured by having developer holdings of 1% of the supply, while 4% is locked up for 3-6 months in dxsale. The protocol burned the rest of the tokens that were not sold via dxsale. Eclipse’s liquidity pool is locked for five years, with the most significant stakeholding set at about 1.5%.

Eclipse: should you invest in ECP today?

It is not an ideal investment opportunity in the short term. The all-time price outlook shows that the token is losing popularity among investors with dwindling trading volumes and a relatively smaller market capitalization. The smaller market cap makes the project prone to manipulations and even a rug pull. The daily trading volumes have plunged about 1.54% in the past 24-hours from $2381.69 though slightly up by 12% in the past week at $937.15. ECP has also lost its trading volumes by 56.93% in the past one month and by about 98% in the all-time price chart since recording $41.53 million in 2021.

Eclipse (ECP) price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

Eclipse (ECP) price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

Will ECP reach 1 USD in 2022?

From the technical and fundamental view of Eclipse, we anticipate that the project could see further downward pressure before any possible reversal. Eclipse has been on a steady decline in price and trading volumes. A perfect prediction is nearly impossible in any market, and further research is recommended before investing in Eclipse tokens.

  • In 2022, ECP is projected to record a maximum price increase up to $0.000000003518 and a minimum of $0.000000003078. On average, the token is expected to trade at around $0.000000003.
  • The 2023 price prediction puts ECP tokens at a maximum price rise of $0.000000003811 and a minimum price of $0.000000003665. The average trading price of ECP in the year is expected to be around $0.0000000033.
  • Our in-depth analysis puts ECP at a maximum price surge of $0.000000004104 and $0.00000000405 in 2025. On average, the token could trade for around $0.0000000039 throughout the period.
  • The 2025 price outlook places ECP at a maximum price increase of $0.0000000044, with $0.0000000042 being the minimum. The token is projected to trade at $0.0000000037 on average.

ECP past price analysis

There are currently 634.848.06 trillion company-reported circulating ECP tokens from a total supply of a quadrillion tokens and a matching hard cap. Eclipse records that its market capitalization is $1,879,452, ranking it at number 7018 in CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency.

Eclipse has features that reward users with a 6% charge imposed in every transaction by distributing to them half of it. Half of the remaining 3% is sold by the contract into BNB, and the rest is automatically paired with BNB and included to PancakeSwap as a liquidity pair.

The latest price data shows that ECP is trading at $0.000000002932 after dropping 0.13% in the past day and a 0.79% increase in the past week since trading at $0.0000000029. The price outlook in the past month shows that ECP has dropped by 2.56% from $0.0000000003. Similarly, the token has tanked 26.75% in the past three months from a price of $0.000000004. Eclipse price outlook in the past year paints a picture of token losing popularity. ECP has dropped from a 70.76% in the period and is trading at 98% lower since hitting an all-time price high of $0.00000019 in April 2021.

Want to buy ECP?  

Eclipse token is available on PancakeSwap listed against Wrapped BNB. If you are looking to buy an ECP token, follow these steps:

Step 1. Install Trust wallet or MetaMask on phone or desktop browser.

Step 2. Exchange BNB into Binance Smart Chain.

Step 3. Open wallet browser to access Pancakeswap V1.

Step 4. Link wallet to PancakeSwap.

Step 5. Select BNB and swap it for ECP.



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