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Directional Forex Robot Review: A User-Friendly EA

Directional Forex Robot

Directional Forex Robot is a fully automated system that trades trends until the end. It capitalizes on huge pip movements daily to make profits for users. According to the vendor, this has enabled the EA to report a solid performance within a decade of trading. We evaluate the tool to determine if it can grow your trading account.

This robot was developed by Forex Robot Trader, a company founded by an individual known as Don Steinitz. Over the years, the company has employed highly skilled programmers who know their way around the MQL code. To date, they have created numerous trading bots, such as Odin, Vader, Falcor, Pterodactyl, Waverunner, etc.

Directional Forex Robot strategies and tests

The robot’s features are listed below:

  • It includes all custom indicators and templates.
  • The system works on all timeframes and Forex currencies.
  • It’s compatible with the MT4 account.
  • All text and color objects can be modified.
  • The robot has an in-built money management system.
  • It works with 4 or 5 broker digit pricing automatically.
  • It integrates inbuilt optional trailing stop capabilities.
  • Any trade can be closed manually without interfering with the robot’s functionalities.
  • Some of the inputs like “applied price types” and “moving average modes” are adjustable.

The trend strategy is used. On a normal day, the EA waits for trends to form on many timeframes before it enters the market. Once that happens, it initiates trades in the direction of underlying trends and closes positions only when the trend begins to go in the opposite direction.

Backtest results for this system are not shared. Testing a strategy is a vital step to helping the developer and the potential users comprehend how a strategy works, spot flaws, and determine its viability in the long term.

Directional Forex Robot live trading account review

Although live trading results are available, we don’t know if they are authentic. So, we cannot trust the data on face value unless it goes through a painstaking verification process by an independent site like FXBlue or Myfxbook.

Live trading results for May 2022

Live trading results for May 2022

The robot has reportedly conducted 236 trades on this account this month. A total net profit of $29656.70 has been made as a result. The win rates for the short and long positions are 75.24% and 79.39%, respectively. Low-risk trading is involved, going by the low drawdown rate (0.01%) reported. We have a profit factor of 4.93, suggesting that the system is very productive. The closing balance is $4106086.59.


The current cost of this EA is $49. The vendor used to sell it at $199 before dropping the price. Now, the tool is more affordable and easily accessible to the average trader.

Is Directional Forex Robot a good system to rely on?

The EA can help you to trade faster and smoothly, but we are not sure if it can increase your investment. The vendor is reluctant to use the robot on a trusted website like Myfxbook, which casts serious doubts on its real efficiency.

Customer reviews

The EA does not have any customer reviews yet. However, we found the vendor’s page on FPA with 200+ customer reviews relating to its products and services. As you can see below, the rating is not good. In fact, a trader recently claimed that the company’s robots are some of the worst because he lost money using them. The customer service is also poor and the support team never solved the bad issues he encountered with the robots.

FRT’s rating on Forex Peace Army

FRT’s rating on Forex Peace Army

Customer feedback on Forex Peace Army

Customer feedback on Forex Peace Army

Directional Forex Robot


Directional Forex Robot is user and cost-friendly. However, the live trading results shared are not trustworthy, so we cannot tell if it can produce significant earnings for you. FRT’s poor rating is also a matter of concern. It has a bad reputation for producing ineffective products for the Forex market. This does not inspire confidence in this robot’s efficiency.

  • Supports all currency pairs
  • Is cheap
  • Fully automated
  • No verified live results
  • Backtesting data is not there
  • Vendor has poor rating

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