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Darwin Evolution Review

Darwin Evolution

Darwin Evolution works using more than eight indicators and uses a capital management system alongside a news filter to manage risk. It requires a minimum of $200 in capital and comes with an asking price of $999. We will review the service in our article and see if it can be profitable for us in the long term.

Darwin Evolution strategies and tests

Traders can use the robot after following the steps:

  1. After you purchase the EAs, login to your MT4/5 platform
  2. Download the expert advisor
  3. Attach the system onto the charts to start trading
  4. Do not forget to enable auto trading

Strategy explanation

The developer states that the robot trades on multiple currency pairs and has a total of 8 indicators to help with decisions. It uses a trailing stop loss and a news filter to help manage risk. Traders can use it on all brokers regardless of their quotes, fees, and execution speeds.

From the trading history of the MQL5 signals page, we can see that it uses an averaging approach for trading. The trades are opened during the beginning of an hourly candle. The average holding duration of 21 hours shows us a day trading approach.

The history of the system

The history of the system


The service has the following features:

  • It comes with risk and swap management
  • Provides a balanced risk-reward ratio
  • Has a built-in news filter
  • Uses unique volume analysis


Backtesting results are available for unknown currency pairs, where the relative drawdown was 2.64%. The winning rate was 89.12%, with a profit factor of about 7.77.

On an unknown time frame and starting balance, the robot tanked an average profit of $25930.74. There were 285 trades in total, with the best trade as 15.49%, while the worst one was 7.85%. The modeling quality of the test is unknown.

The backtesting records

The backtesting records

Darwin Evolution live trading account review

We will analyze the live records on MQL5 which are available from 05 september, 2021, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of 1.5% during the period, with a drawdown of 5.8%.

The winning rate stood at 88.9%, with a profit factor of 5.39. The best trade was €85, while the worst was €52.18. There were a total of 18 trades. The total gain provided by the system stands at 7%.

With an initial deposit of €5000, the developer trades with a lot size of around 0.2. The sharpe ratio of the robot is 0.64 with a max deposit load of 2.2%.

The live records

The live records


Traders can purchase the robot for an asking price of $999, which gives the license for one live account. Traders can also rent it for 12 months at $690. There is no money-back guarantee as per the rules of the MQL5 marketplace.

The pricing plan of the service

The pricing plan of the service

Is Darwin Evolution a good system to rely on?

SIEA Zen is not transparent with us on the backtesting records as there is no detailed statement. The developer does not disclose that it uses averaging techniques for trading, which leaves us with many questions on the authenticity of the product.

Darwin Evolution


Due to the averaging strategy, the algorithm can cause a high drawdown on the account if the market trends in one direction. The developer did not disclose this, and we had to scan the live records to get the proper trading methodology. The EA has a high risk-reward ratio when comparing the monthly gain with the drawdown value.

  • Multiple live records
  • No proper backtesting records
  • High asking price
  • Use grid strategy

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