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Coinrule Review: Is This Crypto Bot Safe and Legit?


Coinrule looks to empower traders in the crypto market so that they can compete with hedge funds and professional algorithmic traders. It is user-friendly, and doesn’t require you to have any coding skills to set up and operate the system.

About Coinrule

Coinrule is a smart trading bot that enables you to easily create your own trading strategies and install them to run automatically on your preferred exchange. By using this system, you will take total control of your trading and be equipped to fight back hedge funds using automated bots.

Coinrule review: key features

Here is a summary of the bot’s features:

  • In-built trading strategies

The app provides users with more than 150 rules to assist them design strategies that will meet their unique trading needs.

  • Opportunities for backtesting

With Coinrule, you can run demo trades free of charge to view how they play out in the crypto market before committing serious money.

  • Automated trading

Coinrule lets you buy and sell crypto assets on exchanges, utilizing its advanced trading bots.

  • Trading indicators

The app makes it possible for you to build rules on popular indicators.

Coinrule: trading strategy

The app features 150+ templates that incorporate different trading strategies, which you can fine-tune to align to your profit needs. These strategies include but are not limited to trend-following rebalancing, price-based accumulation, and swing trading. The devs also send free trading signals through email to help users modify their strategies and create their own rules.

Security of Coinrule

Coinrule employs multiple security measures to protect traders. For instance, it applies advanced protocols to encrypt API keys. These keys are stored on the platform’s detached data storage that is also protected with military-grade encryption technology. Cloudflare CDN is used as another layer of protection to prevent DDoS and other forms of attack.Moreover, 2FA is included to enhance user security by validating some particularly sensitive actions.

Is Coinrule safe?

Coinrule is absolutely safe. We have seen in the previous section the many measures they have put in place to reinforce the security of the platform to prevent malicious attacks and stealing of funds.

How much does Coinrule cost?

The vendor provides 3 paid plans that can be billed either monthly or yearly. The annual plans allow you to enjoy discounts of up to 25%. That being said, we have the Hobbyist pack that costs $29.99/month or $359/year. The price of the Trader plan is a bit higher at $59.99/month or $719/year. The Pro pack is the most expensive one as it requires users to part with $449.99/month or $5399/year. The features you get by purchasing any of these plans include live rules, demo rules, connected exchanges, template strategies, training sessions, live Telegram notifications, and much more. You have to remember that the costlier the plan, the more features you enjoy. A starter plan is available at zero cost.

Deposit and withdrawal

As a cryptobot, Coinrule doesn’t store any funds, so you cannot deposit and withdraw money from it directly. In essence, it obtains the assets it will use to trade the market from a connected exchange. Therefore, all deposit and withdrawal actions will be performed on your chosen exchange.

Does Coinrule charge fees and commissions?

Coinrule does not charge any fees and commissions for trading. It only asks that you pay for any of the subscription plans that you believe will enhance your trading experience.

How much profit can it earn?

The devs don’t really say what amount of profits this bot earns users. This is understandable, given how unpredictable the crypto market is. Prices rise and fall quickly such that a strategy that could have earned users good money in the past may fail to work at the moment. In general, the ability of Coinrule to earn money will depend on a lot of things, including market behavior, configuration, trader’s experience, strategies used, etc.

Company reputation

Coinrule Ltd is a UK-based company that was founded in 2018 by Gabriel Musella, Oleg Giberstein, and Zdeněk Höfler after realizing that it was possible to make crypto trading less complicated. The company currently works with 10+ professionals and has enlisted the services of fantastic advisors with diverse backgrounds, from academia to capital markets.

Coinrule reviews

Coinrule has received much acclaim from its community of traders on Trustpilot. A majority of them have given it an excellent rating, some saying that the bot is user-friendly and a great platform for algorithmic trading. Even then, there are a group of traders who have expressed their displeasure with the service. In effect, one of them warns beginners that they can lose money with the app.

Negative user review on Trustpilot

Negative user review on Trustpilot

Positive customer testimonial on Trustpilot

Positive customer testimonial on Trustpilot

Positive user feedback on Trustpilot

Positive user feedback on Trustpilot

Who is Coinrule for?

Coinrule is for both experienced and new traders. It offers a simple interface and hundreds of templates to assist newbies design desirable strategies. At the same time, veterans are at liberty to develop their own trading plans.

Coinrule: supported devices

The devs don’t indicate the kind of operating systems the bot runs on.

What exchanges does Coinrule support?

Coinrule has partnered with a variety of exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Okex, HitBTC, Bitstamp, Bitpanda Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Liquid, and BitMex.

Coinrule: customer care

A knowledge base containing multiple articles is featured to help answer some of the questions you might have about the service. In case you don’t find the info you are looking for here, you can visit the FAQs page. Another alternative is to contact the support team directly through email.



Coinrule has already made waves in the crypto space with the hundreds of strategies, if not thousands, it offers traders. Numerous traders have also come forward to express their satisfaction with the product, further solidifying its reputation. Partnering with some of the most popular exchanges, Coinrule proves that it provides legit services and can be trusted.

  • Free pricing plan
  • Provides advanced security
  • Numerous strategies offered
  • No mobile app
  • Limited features on the free plan

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