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Cardano Launches EVM Sidechain Testnet to Boost Interoperability

EVM Sidechain Testnet

Cardano has announced an Ethereum Virtual Machine sidechain to enable developers to deploy Solidity smart contracts on Cardano, dApps, and ERC20 tokens.

Source: Twitter

ADAUSD is down -8.12%

EVM sidechain, which is currently on testnet, will be compatible with Ethereum upgrades and tools, web3 wallet, and the proof-of-stake Ouroboros BFT Consensus protocol. It will also benefit from Cardano’s mainnet security.

Milkomeda is another sidechain that supports Cardano and enables an EVM compatible network through Milkomeda C1, unveiled in March. Milkomeda has also announced plans to enhance interoperability with other protocols like Solana.

Decentralized interoperability protocol Wanchain recently unveiled a non-custodial cross-chain bridge that links Cardano to another layer-one blockchain. The chain has already linked over 15 layer-one and two chains since inception.

The interoperability milestones in Cardano have done little to boost the price of ADA tokens, which are currently trading 14.19% down at $0.44. ADA remains among the top-most purchased tokens in the past 24 hours.


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